Katie Couric’s Mission To ‘Help People Live Longer’ Is ‘Incredibly Cathartic’ After Losing Husband To Cancer

Award-winning journalist and Rally Health partner Katie Couric revealed why it's important to her to educate Americans on their health.

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After losing her husband, Jay, to colon cancer at the age of 42 in 1998 and her sister to cancer two years later, Katie Couric used her popular platform as an award-winning journalist to become an important advocate for personal health awareness and cancer prevention. A co-founder of Stand Up To Cancer and a partner of Rally Health, Katie has dedicated her long career to finding a cure to cancer and, most importantly, ensuring Americans are educated about their health. “Out of personal experience, really, I decided to use my platform to help people live longer, healthier lives, and Rally, in particular, is really all about everything you can do to stay healthy and to prevent disease,” the former ABC News anchor explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife at Rally’s Healthy Living Pop-up in New York City. “I was somewhat on the forefront of this movement to share experiences in the hopes that it would increase awareness and help people make positive changes in their lives. I think because I lost my husband and I had a platform where people paid attention to what I said, I always felt I wish I had known some of the things that I learned during the course of Jay’s illness, and so, I thought I could do a real public service by educating viewers about colon cancer prevention.”

Katie went on to televise her own colonoscopy in 2000 and mammogram in 2005 in hopes to encourage others to undergo the same preventative check-ups. “I felt it would almost be selfish not to share what I have learned with people so they could prevent this disease and they could take care of themselves and the people they love. It was really a no brainer for me,” she continued. “When you’re a pretty can-do person and there’s nothing you can do for someone you love so desperately, I think the sense of powerlessness you feel is paralyzing. Being able to take that experience and do something proactive, helps mitigate that feeling of powerlessness, and it did for me.”

Katie added, “It was incredibly cathartic, because I couldn’t save my husband, but I could help save other people.” To continue her activism within the world of health, the mother of two launched her own media company last year and has started to deliver a newsletter to her followers called Wake-Up Call. In the newsletter, the award-winning anchor amalgamates curated news and original content that not only offers readers convenience, but also a strong source in this age of information-overload. “I’ve never lived in such a transformational time because of technology, and it’s touching every aspect of our lives. Because of that and other things that are happening around the world, people need a credible source to know what’s going on, that they can trust,” Katie explained.

In addition to health and wellness news, Wake-Up Call covers finances, trends, and inspiring, feel-good stories. As Katie continues to help people through her efforts with SU2C, her partnership with Rally Health, and more, her Wake-Up Call newsletter is just another way she is spreading her positive influence across the US. Make sure to download Rally Health today, as well, to learn more about your healthcare options!

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