‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star James Kennedy Confesses He’s 2 Months Sober: ‘It’s A New High For Me’

After being a known party boy on 'Vanderpump Rules,' James Kennedy says he's now two months sober and that being clean is a 'rush.'

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James Kennedy
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Vanderpump Rules fans know James Kennedy likes to party, and he got into a heated argument with cast mates during the May reunion special over it. Lisa Vanderpump even said of his drinking, “He doesn’t seem to understand, he can’t stop. He is his own worst enemy.” Well good news VPR fans because James is two months sober! “I just feel enlightened and I feel just so clear and happy, and I know that sounds so cliché but things in my life have opened up — Business ventures, and my DJing has just gotten even better,” he tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY at the VANDERPUPCATION at Skybar at Mondrian Los Angeles event. “I’ve playing shows sober which is something I’ve never done and it’s a true rush feeling; my true emotions and feelings. It’s definitely a new high for me, I love it.”

So why did he decide to get sober?  “That’s the big question I get asked, like something big that prompted. Nothing really. Other than a long stream of events that’s just been with me through the show and everything. Like partying, the lifestyle here in Hollywood, I got sucked into it and I think it’s good to re-evaluate sometimes, take a step back,” he explains.

James thinks being a sober member of a cast that likes to party is going to be a plus for him on Vanderpump Rules. “I know everyone’s drinking in here, but I feel like I’ve got an upper hand now that I’m sober, I’m one step ahead of the game and no one can stop me,” he reveals. James says that on the upcoming season eight of the show, viewers will get a better idea of why he decided to get cleaned up.

This is such good news because things got brutal on the reunion special that aired on May 13. Host Andy Cohen asked James, “Are you back to drinking and partying?” His answer was a fail with his cast mates as he stated, “No I’m not back to drinking and partying. I’ve been DJ-ing a lot and I’ve been working a lot,” to which one co-star claimed he was “sh*tfaced” at a friend’s recent birthday party. “I am still drinking yes, but I’m not going and I’m not going like…” James began before Lisa cut him off, telling him “Well you’re not always honest, are you about your sobriety.” It’s such good news now that he is taking sobriety seriously.