‘Vanderpump Rules Reunion’: Tom Sandoval Accuses James Kennedy Of ‘Mixing Alcohol’ With ‘Uppers’

Things got heated on the 'Vanderpump Rules' reunion show when James Kennedy's drinking came up. Tom Sandoval accused him of mixing booze with uppers and the men went at it hard.

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Tom Sandoval And James Kennedy
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The May 13 Vanderpump Rules reunion special had plenty of wild moments, but a very touchy topic came up when it came to James Kennedy‘s drinking. “He doesn’t seem to understand, he can’t stop. He is his own worst enemy,” Lisa Vanderpump, lamented as host Andy Cohen asked James “Are you back to drinking and partying?” His answer didn’t go over well with his cast mates as he stated, “No I’m not back to drinking and partying. I’ve been DJ-ing a lot and I’ve been working a lot,” to which one co-star called him out for being “sh*tfaced” at a friend’s recent birthday party. “I am still drinking yes, but I’m not going and I’m not going like…” James began before Lisa cut him off, telling him “Well you’re not always honest, are you about your sobriety.”

Kristin Doute complained “I’m so f**king tired of this narrative” about James’ drinking before Tom Sandoval jumped in with his two cents. “I think James when I’ve seen you be your absolute worst is when you’re mixing alcohol with other things. See, you’ll have a beer, be totally chill, totally fun, mix it with other things then you’re like the worst.” he told James, who thought Tom meant mixing beer with vodka.

Nope! “More of uppers type,” Tom continued, saying “Well that’s like your kryptonite.” Lisa interjected to tell James he gets very angry in those states and James snapped at Tom, “That’s not my thing so shut up. Shut your mouth,” as Lisa told him not to talk to Tom like that. She also scolded James that he was not being cool about things since Tom has been on James’ side in the past, coming to his defense many times. Eventually James makes a mean crack about Stassi Schroeder‘s new hair extensions which turned the topic away from his drinking.

Lisa ended up firing and rehiring James during the recent Vanderpump Rules season, despite his difficulties. She told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY during a preview for her Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in Las Vegas on March 30 about her decisions regarding James. “His story is a very interesting story to be told, but it will not be one-dimensional. I will give you the whole story, and there’s a lot of good in that boy, and there’s a lot of good in that young man,” she explained. “If we can just knock the cr*p out of his choices, he’s young, I think he’ll be OK. But drinking is his enemy, and I’ve tried to explain that to him. But one-dimensional characters, that’s not the whole story, it’s not.”

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