Shawn Mendes Pays Camila Cabello A Surprise Visit While Getting Ready For VMAs In Sweet Video

Even though Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello got ready for the VMAs separately, he made sure to pay her a surprise visit before she walked the carpet -- and the sweet moment was caught on camera!

Camila Cabello took fans behind the scenes of her preparation for the MTV Video Music Awards, and the footage features a cameo from the one and only Shawn Mendes! Fans were pretty upset when Shawn and Camila decided to walk the carpet separately at the award show, but this new video reveals that Shawn paid a visit to Camila’s dressing room RIGHT after he got done walking himself! The two didn’t have much time to interact, but Camila did let him know that she would stop by his room once she was dressed so that he could see her outfit. Awww!

Of course, it was a big night for the couple, as they took the stage to give the debut performance of their song, “Senorita.” Things got quite steamy between them onstage, and although they didn’t kiss like the audience wanted, they did show off some PDA! In the Vogue video, Camila also opened up about how the “Senorita” duet came about…and admitted that she almost didn’t agree to record the track with her longtime friend-turned-lover.

“It must have been last summer when he sent me the idea for the song and he was like, ‘Oh my gosh, do you want to do this with me?'” Camila explained. “I thought it was super cool. It was a few months of back and forth — I literally lost sleep over it. I was like…oh my God, I think I do want to do it, but maybe I don’t. So it came to a point where we just went into the studio to just sing it and see how we feel. If it feels right, we do it, if we don’t, no pressure. We went in the studio and just figured it out and then filmed the video a week and a half after.”

Deciding to take part in the song proved to be a great decision on Camila’s part, as it’s currently blowing up the charts and has become a fan-favorite. Oh, and it won the Best Collaboration Award at the VMAs — NO BIG DEAL! Meanwhile, Shawn and Camila have been practically inseparable this summer, and they haven’t been shy about showing off their love. She’s supported him at several stops of his tour, and he always takes time out to spend with her when he’s not onstage. So sweet!

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