Valerie Broussard Teases Her Galantis Collab, Talks Working With Kygo & Songwriting

Fresh off collaborations with Kygo and Lindsey Stirling, Valerie Broussard released another jam with DJ duo Galantis.

Valerie Broussard‘s lyrics are always chilling, honest, and, at times, she admits, dark. But, with the addition of beats from DJs like Kygo, or, this time, Galantis, Valerie’s words become uplifting and, even “more hopeful sounding.” Her newest jam, “Roots” will be featured on her upcoming Wondrous Strange EP, due out this fall!  “This song is my love letter to LA, a place I had once considered nothing more than a temporary home, but it’s also about any person or place that makes a life-long traveler want to put down roots,” she said of the Galantis collab.

Ahead of this latest release, Valerie spoke to in an EXCLUSIVE interview about her songwriting process, and working with Kygo on “Think About You.” “The song changed so much from it’s inception. When we wrote it, it was really different, and it’s taken on all of these different shapes now, especially because it has got that Kygo spin on it,” she said of “Think About You.” “It was darker. It was way darker. The sound just wasn’t nearly as bright. It was a folksy, country vibe, and it just blossomed after we changed the chords into this completely different, brighter, more hopeful song.”

To Valerie, whose song “A Little Wicked” was featured in The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina soundtrack, songwriting is incredible important, and she even wrote “Think About You” in Nashville. “I feel like when I’m performing live it’s so much easier to connect to your own story. Maybe that’s just from a selfish perspective that I would rather be telling my own story that someone else’s. I find it so much easier to be passionate about a song that is talking about something that’s going on in my own life,” she explained. “I’m a big fan of co-writing, too. With most of my co-writers I tend to come in and word vomit at them the whole story that I’m trying to tell. But what’s great is that those people can reign you in and tell you when things are too specific, or when it doesn’t work.”

Ahead of the release of “Roots,” Valerie teased a major “dance world” collab that she was “very, very excited about.” “It’s going to be a really fun song,” she excitedly shared. Now, it’s finally here! Make sure to listen to “Roots,” by Valerie Broussard featuring Galantis!

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