Derek Hough Reveals How He & Sister Julianne ‘Keep Each Other Grounded’

Triple threat singer, dancer & actor Derek Hough can do it all! But-- that doesn't mean he doesn't need a support system at times. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HL, he gushed about his amazing relationship with his sister & how they keep each other in check.

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It’s Derek Hough’s world and we’re all just livin’ in it. As one of the most accomplished dancers on the globe, and an incredibly talented singer-songwriter as well, it’s hard to believe that the star’s charming qualities only continue from there. But — Hough can add philanthropist to his resume as well. The star’s most recent charitable endeavor is an inspiring partnership with Lays on their “Operation Smile” campaign, geared to you-guessed-it, spark more smiles! We caught up with the vibrant star to hear about his new partnership, his loving relationship with his sister, Julianne Hough, 31, and when fans can expect more music!

For Derek, success only means getting to share in it alongside his sister and fellow dancer Julianne. “I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love with somebody that I love,” Derek tells HL. “It’s awesome to be able to share that and have that shared experience together. We keep each other in check. We encourage one another,” he says. We tease each other, but we’re fortunate to be able to be in the same business, in the same industry, with each other. To just help each other along the way and keep each other grounded and just be there for each another. She’s awesome…we’re best friends, so yeah, I’m pretty grateful for that,” he explains.

As fans know, Derek also has an uber successful music career under his belt, and is fresh off the release of his new single, “Say It Now.” I just put out called ‘Say It Now’ and it’s very anthemic,” the star explains. “It’s got a positive message. Basically, the idea is about just acting on your desires, your passions now. It’s important to not put off things and we always say, ‘Someday we’ll do this, someday we’ll do that.'”

He continues; “But, there’s a great expression that says, the road to someday leads to a town called nowhere….It’s better to act on those things now and to fulfill your dreams now and that’s why it’s called ‘Say It Now.’ Man, it’s exciting. I’m going to be doing a lot more projects coming up and creative pieces and concept videos and music and all sorts, constantly creating content in the future. I’m excited about it,” he says, when teasing even more music to come!

It’s his ‘Operation Smiles’ partnership with Lays though, that he’s most excited to talk about. “For me, it’s really important whomever I partner with that we’re aligned and like-minded and I love being a part of a project that is about serving. It’s about helping others and that’s why this partnership is so perfect with Lays. The fact they’re donating $1 million to Operation Smile, which is an incredible organization that helps hundreds and hundreds of thousands of kids all around the world and not just cosmetically with their cleft lips or cleft palates, but also their speech therapy and their emotional states and their psychological and mental health…It’s a really, really, really beautiful thing that they do,” he proudly says.

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