‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Hannah & Dylan’s Relationship Is Threatened By Blake

The Blake drama continues on the Aug. 6 episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise,' and now, it might take a toll on Hannah's relationship with Dylan!

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The Aug. 6 episode of Bachelor in Paradise picks up on day two of Paradise, just ahead of Blake and Kristina’s date. As a reminder, these two briefly dated, but it didn’t work out. However, they hooked up at Stagecoach in April — just ONE day before he also hooked up with fellow contestant, Caelynn. Kristina confronts him about this on the date, and tells that it was like a “slap in the face” for her. Blake claims that he and Caelynn both agreed that they took things too far, and says they decided to just be friends. Of course, this is a different story than Caelynn’s telling back on the beach — she says Blake called her after the hookup and said it was a “mistake”!

Kristina gets frustrated because Blake can’t come to terms with the fact that he hurt her feelings. Then, Blake actually has the nerve to start getting angry. “I’m not going to apologize for being a a single man,” he says in a confessional. “I’m not in a relationship with her. I’m kind of angry for her to do this. It blows my mind. It’s not how I saw Paradise going.” Kristina cannot get through to Blake, as all he seems to be able to focus on is accusing her of “ambushing him” with her feelings about what happened at Stagecoach. Meanwhile, she’s concerned that he doesn’t understand that what he did to her and Caelynn was disrespectful.

Needless to say, things do not go well on the date, and when Blake arrives back at the beach, he immediately pulls Caelynn aside to talk. Caelynn goes off on Blake and breaks down in tears over how hurt she is by him. He claims to not even remember calling her a mistake and attempts to apologize, and says he had no idea Caelynn felt this way — but she isn’t having it. “Just acknowledge me!” she rants. “Stop ignoring me and making me feel like a dirty secret. I feel like a slimy thing that you’re ashamed of.” Eventually, Caelynn storms off, and Blake is near tears himself.

One person who is completely in the blind about all that’s gone on with Blake is Tayshia, and Kristina takes it upon herself to fill her in. By the end of the conversation, Tayshia is SO done with Blake. “I genuinely thought he was a good person, but really he’s a freaking player,” she says. “Blake just lost me. If there was any chance of us ever working out, he just lost me. I don’t need to be dealing with these kinds of games.”

Meanwhile, things are heating up for Hannah and Dylan, but Wills wants a chance with her. He pulls her aside for some alone time, and they end up kissing. Hannah tells Dylan about it right away because she wants to be fully transparent with him. She also admits that she doesn’t know how she feels about Wills, which leaves Dylan a little worried. “I don’t think Hannah just kisses people she’s not into,” he admits in a confessional. “Before, I was happy to give her my rose, but after I found out she could potentially be into someone else…I don’t know what to do.”

As for Bibiana, she’s vibing with Clay, but Nicole also has her eye on him. Clay just so happens to get the next date card, and he devastates Bibiana by choosing Nicole. Before he leaves though, he’s confronted by Annaliese, who’s friends with his ex, Angela (also a member of Bachelor Nation). Annaliese lets Clay know that she doesn’t think he’s in the right headspace to be in a relationship. She accuses him of planning for marriage and kids with Angela before breaking up, and claims that he just visited her in Chicago two weeks before Paradise.

Clay tells Annaliese that she’s “misinformed” about the details of his relationship with Angela. “Me and Angela have been done for months,” he says. “I’m looking to move forward and build a relationship and I hope you focus on yourself.” Clay exits the conversation by leaving for his date with Nicole, and Annaliese is left crying on the beach. On the date, Clay opens up to Nicole about his talk with Annaliese, and assures her that he’s “100 % over” Angela. Things go really well, and they end the night by kissing.

The guys are giving out the roses this week. Clay and Nicole and Demi and Derek are in a good place, but the Blake drama remains at an all-time high. First, he pulls Tayshia aside, and she lets him know that he needs to clear things up with Kristina before he can move on with anyone. Next up is Caelynn. Blake apologizes again, and she tells him, “I want your s*** fixed and I want us to move on” before storming off.

Caelynn is finally ready to explore other options, and she spends some one-on-one time with Cam. He lets her know that she’s the girl he’s most interested in, and they seal the deal with a kiss. Onyeka and John Paul Jones also hit it off ahead of the rose ceremony. Meanwhile, Bibiana is in tears as she realizes that she hasn’t formed a connection with anyone to get a rose from. Annaliese is interested in Chris, and they makeout, but Kristina also pulls him aside for some alone time, leaving him in a tough position at the rose ceremony.

Once again, Hannah and Wills spend some time together, but she lets him know that she doesn’t see a future with him and urges him not to waste his rose on her. Hannah assures Dylan that she’s into him, which briefly eases his mind. However, even after all he’s been through with THREE other women, Blake is still interested in Hannah, and steals her away from Dylan for solo time, which shocks EVERYONE.

Hannah admits that she came to Paradise hoping to spend time with Blake, but once he started seeing multiple other women, she decided to explore other options. However, she also lets him know that she’s still being “open,” as it’s the first week in Paradise, and he’s excited that he might have a chance. Hannah gives in and makes out with Blake, but she makes sure to discuss it with Dylan right after.

Obviously, Dylan is upset. “That’s so shady,” he says in his confessional. “It’s the second time I’ve had to do that in a week. Be transparent. Don’t tell me you’re excited about what we’re doing and then go off with someone else.” Hannah admittedly has connections with BOTH Dylan and Blake, and we won’t see where her head’s at until the drama continues on Aug. 12!