Miranda Lambert Trying To Avoid ‘Mistake’ She Made With Blake In New Marriage: Here’s How

Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin have been happily married since January. But, what's the secret to making her second marriage work? — There's one thing the singer and NYPD cop do to ensure their love is thriving, and it's actually pretty simple.

Miranda Lambert & Brendan McLoughlin
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Miranda Lambert, 35, took away a few marriage lessons after her 2015 divorce with Blake Shelton. One in particular being, to spend as much time with your spouse as possible. Now that she’s married to Brendan McLoughlin, the singer realizes that it’s crucial for the two to go above and beyond to be with each other, despite their very different and busy schedules — something she did not have with her ex-husband.

“With her second marriage, Miranda’s learned from that and is trying to avoid that same mistake and Brendan is on the same page,” a source close to the country singer tells HollywoodLife, EXCLUSIVELY. Brendan is currently on a leave of absence from his job as an NYPD cop, and is currently on tour with Miranda. “He has no issue joining her on tour and taking time off from work. He’s happy and feels very lucky that he can take the time to spend with her,” the source explains.

The insider goes on to note that Brendan’s decision to take time away from work did not come from his wife encouraging him to do so. “Miranda never pressures Brendan to do anything. He jumped at the chance to go on tour with her. It’s a huge relief to Miranda that Brendan is able to travel with her, because that way they don’t have to spend time apart and deal with all the issues that come from that,” the source says, explaining that “Miranda wholeheartedly believes married couples should be together as much as possible. A lot of the issues in her last marriage stemmed from having to spend so much time apart. It creates unnecessary stress.”

Miranda and Brendan are “madly in love and both genuinely enjoy being together,” the insider declares. “They’re enjoying their first summer as newlyweds and they’ve been turning her tour into a fun vacation.” While Miranda works extremely hard, the source admits that, “she makes sure to make the most of her downtime with her man.”

A second source also explains how Miranda’s second marriage is quite different than her first. “She loves being the breadwinner and enjoys doing things more on her schedule. This is the best cake and eat it too situation for her, because she never had this option with Blake since he’s obviously just as big of a country star as she is,” the second insider says. “Miranda would love nothing more than to make this a permanent situation and her man is warming up to the idea. It looks like it’ll be smooth sailing moving forward.”

Back in late January, Miranda revealed that she secretly married Brendan in a post on Instagram, alongside a photo of her and her husband in their wedding attire. “In honor of Valentine’s Day I wanted to share some news. I met the love of my life. And we got hitched!” she wrote. “My heart is full. Thank you Brendan McLoughlin for loving me for…. me. ❤️ #theone”.

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