Bow Wow: Why He’ll Keep Shading Wendy Williams No Matter What ‘Haters’ Say Despite Backlash

Bow Wow caught some major flak after mocking Wendy Williams’ bikini bod. Instead of taking the L and changing his ways, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that he’s going to ‘keep it real hip hop’ and continue to do whatever he wants.

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Bow Wow Reaction Backlash
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It seems Bow Wow, 32, took a page out of 50 Cent’s book when it came to his feud with Wendy Williams, 55. No, literally – Bow Wow (real name Shad Moss) tried to shame the daytime host by posting the same picture of her in a black bikini that Fiddy shared in 2017. The weak attempt at body shaming backfired, as many fans attacked him, but as a source close to Bow Wow tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, this isn’t going to stop him from attacking his rivals. “Shad feels like he is always going to have haters attack him for whatever he does and whatever he says. But, as long as he has his main friends and the people who care about him and the people he cares about by his side, then he is totally cool with it all.”

“He will continue to go after Wendy or anyone that he deems needs it and will just go through whatever backlash he goes through because he likes to keep it real. He likes to keep things hip-hop.” The insider also noted that while it seems like Bow Wow took a loss after his failed body shaming attempt, he actually see it as a win. “Bow Wow likes the headlines he gets from it all so whether it’s socially or through a song, he will still remain controversial. It fits him well. He enjoys it.”

“They say its [sic] a hot girl summer,” Bow Wow captioned his July 28 social media post while including a string of rude emojis. Bow Wow shared that photo of Wendy in a bikini presumably in response to her dragging him on her show. A week before the body shaming, Wendy blasted the rapper for his comments about his ex-girlfriend, Ciara. Not only did Bow Wow call his ex a “b*tch,” but he also bragged about “having her ‘first,’ ” a line that caused Wendy to roll her eyes. “Bow Wow, I’m not hating on you, but young man, so what? It’s very distasteful. We’ve all had somebody before we had you, man. We’ve all lived, but to be shirtless in a club and calling her a ‘b—h’? You were so wrong for that.”

Will Wendy respond to Bow Wow on her show? “She thinks he’s just a little boy chasing clout and should learn to keep his,” a source close to the host told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Wendy doesn’t have any plans on addressing Shad on her show at this point. She thinks his comments were immature and he is beneath any need for a response from her.” Plus, thousands of Twitter users already clapped back for her, so why bother saying anything more?