Bow Wow Body Shames Wendy Williams On Twitter & Gets Dragged For It — See Brutal Comments

After Wendy Williams called Bow Wow's comment about having Ciara 'first' 'distasteful', he's fighting back by cruelly body shaming her. However he's not getter any love for it as Twitter is dragging him.

Bow Wow And Wendy Williams
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Is that the best you’ve got Bow Wow? The rapper wanted to get back at Wendy Williams for taking him to task regarding comments he made about Ciara and he did it with the lowest of blows by body shaming her on Twitter. On July 28 he used the “hot girl summer” meme and found a picture of Wendy in a bathing suit and mocked her. “They say it’s a hot girl summer,” he wrote with a picture of Wendy in a tiny black bikini with a laughing so hard it’s crying emoji next to it and a green sick face emoji.

Body shaming Wendy, 55, was a very wrong move as people piled on Bow Wow, 32, for such a crude tweet. “She can literally step on you,” a user named Leigh told him referring to how Wendy’s five inches taller than him. “When u failed as a rapper so you gotta turn to making fun of older (more successful) women on the TL. Log out shad,” a user names chels told him, using his real name of Shad Moss. “Yet she out here making much more money than you and ended you,” another user told him. 

“You literally have a daughter…body shaming ain’t the move,” a used named Amaya pointed out and a person named SB echoed the statement, telling him “You are raising a daughter….the way you speak about women… just sad …..” Another user added “Sir, with all due disrespect, your entire life post 2006 has been a complex tapestry of L’s… I’d honestly recommend being as good a parent as you can be and literally nothing else.” Bow Wow has an eight-year-old daughter Shai.

Bow Wow’s pathetic attempt at revenge was because Wendy called him out on her show during Hot Topics on July 24. She addressed a video that went viral where the rapper called the Ciara a “b–ch” during a club appearance in Atlanta, and bragged about “having her first.” “Bow Wow I am mad at you… What’re you doing? Bow I’m not hating on you, but young man, so what?” she told him looking directly at the camera. “It’s very distasteful. We’ve all had someone before… To be shirtless in a club and calling her a bitch, you were so wrong for that.” Wendy has a brand new show on Mon. July 29 and we can’t wait to see if she addresses Bow Wow’s crude body shaming.

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