Shawn Mendes Blushes When Asked About His Rumored Romance With Camila Cabello — Watch

Shawn Mendes had a question and answer session with fans in Dallas, TX on July 22, and when one fan asked him the status of his relationship with rumored love Camila Cabello, he had the cutest reaction.

Shawn Mendes, 20, was quite the adorably embarrassed man when he was asked about the lady in his life, Camila Cabello, 22, during a fan gathering in Dallas, TX! The singer was sitting down for a question and answer session with his fans before his show on July 22, and it didn’t take long for one girl, in particular, to bring up what was on everyone’s minds.

“I wanted to say, I’m pretty sure we all know the answer, but what’s going on with you and Camila?” the fan asked followed by a gasp and cheers from the other fans in the room. Shawn immediately blushed and couldn’t help but have a huge smile on his face as he tried to dodge the question and move on.

Although he blushed and obviously caught off guard with the question, this isn’t the first time he was asked about Camila while on tour. During a different question and answer session in Los Angeles, CA on July 6, someone asked the hunky artist if he was dating her, and he sort of shook his head no but didn’t go into details.

Soon after, his cryptic denial, though, the young stars were seen on numerous occasions together and they indeed acted like a couple while holding hands and even kissing. From the looks of eyewitness videos and/or paparazzi photos, it’s hard to deny that there’s something more than friendship going on between these two!

Shawn and Camila have been friends for a while now, but they started appearing to be more soon after the release of their duet “Señorita” on June 21. The sightings of their cozy outings also came after it was revealed that Camila had broken up with her longtime boyfriend Matthew Hussey. Only time will tell how things will end up between the musicians in the future, but we’ll be paying close attention!

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