Dog The Bounty Hunter Reveals He’s Lost 17Lbs. In Agonizing 2 Weeks Since Beth Chapman’s Death

Losing Beth Chapman has taken a toll on Dog the Bounty Hunter, who revealed in a July 11 interview that he's already lost 17 pounds in the two weeks since her tragic death.

It’s been just over two weeks since Beth Chapman tragically lost her battle with cancer, and her husband, Dog The Bounty Hunter, continues to struggle with his grief. “[I] lost 17 pounds in two weeks,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “I can’t eat. Two bites, I’m full. I got to force feed myself like I force fed her.” He also explained that he has trouble reading menus at restaurants, and that Beth always decided what foods he would order when he was alive. “I never ordered..I’m having a hard time ordering food,” he added. “I’ve lost 17 pounds. Chewing ice helps, and I’ve lost 17 pounds in about two weeks.”

In addition to having trouble eating, Dog has also found that he can’t sleep through the night anymore, although he admitted that this was also the case in the recent months that Beth was sick. “I wake up to always touch her, especially when she was sick, I’d have to wake up a few times when she stopped breathing,” he explained. “I couldn’t hear it no more. And she’s laying and I’m like…you are not dying like that. I will not let you die. So I’m used to that and I don’t sleep solid anymore.”

Beth was first diagnosed with cancer in the fall of 2017, but after a successful surgery and chemotherapy, she was briefly in remission. However, another tumor returned in November 2018, and after that surgery and another attempt at chemo, Beth decided to try alternate methods of treatment. The 51-year-old put up a tough fight and was optimistic in the months leading up to her death, but she sadly passed away on June 26, just days after she was placed in a medically induced coma. Dog and other family members were by her side.

The reality star previously revealed that Beth tried to prepare him for the day she would no longer be with him, but he said that he was not at all ready when the time came. “You’re never, ever prepared,” he explained. “You can’t prepare. There is no way.”

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