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BTS’ Jimin Spotted Wearing Medical Tape As He Fights Back Injury & Fans Beg Him To Get Some Rest

Fans are super concerned for Jimin from BTS after he appeared to be suffering with a flare-up of his back pain during the group's time in Japan over the weekend.

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The guys from BTS are constantly pushing themselves with very little time off, and it looks like the exertion has started to take a toll on Jimin. The group performed back-to-back concerts in Osaka on July 6 and 7, and fans noticed that Jimin had some sort of medical tape on his upper back, lower back and chest. The exact nature of his injuries was not revealed, but loyal supporters of the group were immediately concerned upon seeing that he seemed to be suffering. “Let our boys rest for a bit,” one person tweeted. “Jimin, you always do you best. No need of pushing yourself this hard.”

Although BTS just had a bit of a break in their busy touring schedule before the Japan concerts, they’re constantly on the go and giving their all to their fans. They have two more shows on July 13 and 14, but then will luckily have some more time off. “Pls take care of yourself Jimin!” another fan wrote.”Love you all the time and hope you get well soon my sunshine!” Someone else added, “Jimin please don’t overwork yourself, you health is more important than your performance. I hope you’ll get better as soon as possible.”

This is not the first time that Jimin has struggled with neck and back pain. In Nov. 2017, he had to sit out of the band’s concert in Macau after doctors recommended that he not participate in physical activity due to pain in his neck and shoulder.

Then, in October 2018, he was missing from BTS’ appearance on The Graham Norton Show, due to once again suffering from “severe muscle pain in his neck and back.” Each time, fans have rallied around Jimin and supported his decisions to take a break. We wish him well as he recovers from this latest bout with pain!