Carly Pearce Promises A ‘More Mature’ & ‘Assertive’ New Album: ‘I’m Ready To Release This New Phase Of Life’

Carly Pearce is ready to release some new music & her fans are more than ready! The country songstress opened up to HL about her upcoming album!

We loved every little thing about Carly Pearce‘s debut album, Every Little Thing, but as we’re ready for more music from the “Hide The Wine” singer, she’s ready to introduce us to a new side of her soulful songwriting and vocal talent. “After being so welcomed with open arms into the country music community with Every Little Thing, I feel like it allowed me to take a step further inside and figure out the next chapter and who I am as a woman,” Carly explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “I’ve just continuing to push because I see the girl in my first record and I love her but I feel like I’ve kind of outgrown her, in the way that we outgrow stages of life. So, I’m ready to kind of release this new phase of life.” And, we can’t wait to hear what she has up her sleeve!

Carly teased that her next album will be out in the coming months, but fans got a taste of the impeccable sound that’s to come with her first single off her the new album, “Closer To You.” “I think it just sounds more mature and it sounds more assertive,” she said of the upcoming music. “You still hear all of those elements that you heard in the first record as far as where I want to be in the genre, which is country music — that’s what I love and I want to be a female country singer — but I think that it’s more mature. Everything from the production to the writing, to the singing, to the song subject.”

The CMT Breakthrough Video of the Year 2018 award winner promised that she will continue to share her vulnerable side and raw stories, just as she did with her last album. “All I am is a vessel for listeners, to connect their lives with my music because we’re all human, we all feel the same way, we all get our hearts broken, we all fall in love, we all do all of those things,” Carly explained. “With ‘Every Little Thing’, I was so honest with that and it allowed fans to humanize me, and made it my goal that throughout my career I will make sure to try as best as I can to parallel my actual life with my career and the music that I’m writing and the music that I’m putting out.”

Paige Kindlick

Carly, who is engaged to fellow country star Michael Ray, added that just because she’s in a happy relationship now, she is looking back at her old relationships for inspiration, and even reflecting on her current state of bliss for songs, like “Closer To You.” “On the record, I reveal that I hurt someone before I met Michael, and there’s a few things on the record that I think maybe people are going to be surprised about,” she admitted. “But again, it was something in my life that I felt like I had to share because I always want to be honest, so there are some apologies to somebody else on this record.”

We can’t wait to hear it! Be on the lookout for new music coming from Carly Pearce soon!

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