High Valley Confirms That ‘Single Man’ Is A ‘Representation’ Of More New Music To Come

We caught up with the guys from High Valley for EXCLUSIVE scoop on new music and much more!

high valley
Image Credit: Paige Kindlick

Brad and Curtis Rempel — better known as country music duo High Valley — recently released their new song, “Single Man,” which is the first track from a forthcoming project they’ve been working hard on. “”Single Man” is definitely a very good representation of the other music that we’re working on,” Curtis told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s like, the center of the spectrum, if you will. It’s what we want to say and being honest about the fact that we’re family guys and our lives revolve around our wives and our kids. That’s definitely number one and this song makes that statement boldly.”

Brad added that the guys wanted to make their values clear, but not “bore” people with their idea of what’s important, either, which made the fun, upbeat song a perfect fit. “You don’t want to hit people over the head with the idea that being married with kids is ‘the best thing ever!!'” he explained. “That’s just a boring song. If you can do it this way, it’s like a genuine and fun way to say it — I don’t think there’s a single man who has it as good as we do. We’re just thrilled to have this song. The response has been so awesome, and it feels — to our audience and to us — that, five seconds in, you just know it’s a High Valley song.”

There’s no release date for the new record just yet, but Brad and Curtis admitted that the songs they’ve chosen all fit with the exact type of music they want to be making at this point in their careers. “We’ve been making music for a long time, and unfortunately, at some times, we weren’t being true to our own sound,” Brad explained. “But for the last few years, we have been. We’ve been playing the music we love and grew up on. Thankfully, we have friends and producers who help make it current, but one of the things we love about country is how honest the lyrics are and how they tell a great story. We’re thrilled to be part of a team that writes and sings those kinds of songs and keeps it authentic.”

The guys confirmed that they plan to finish the new record this year, but fans might not get to hear the entire thing in 2019. “We want to keep releasing tracks throughout the year, though” Brad said, while Curtis added, “It’s hard to sit on great stuff we’ve been working on and not let people hear it!”

We did get a little taste about the kind of sound the album will have, though! “There’ll be stuff that leans even more bluegrass or Americana than “Single Man,” but there’s also stuff that’s a little more pop leaning,” Brad revealed. “Lyrically, you’ll keep hearing a lot of the same themes that we always want to talk about.” High Valley is not currently on tour, but will be playing festivals throughout the country all summer long!

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