Prince Michael Jackson, 22: Inside Michael’s Eldest Son’s ‘Low-Key’ Life 10 Years After His Death

Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, leaving the bulk of his massive fortune to his kids. But, instead of living life in the lap of luxury, his son Prince Jackson has taken a much more humble path.

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Michael Jackson’s oldest son Michael Joseph “Prince” Jackson, Jr. isn’t your average trust fund kid. Although his father left him $30 million, Prince doesn’t flaunt his wealth on social media. Or hit up the Hollywood clubs. And it’s rare to see him on the red carpet. Instead, a Jackson family friend tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the 22-year-old prefers to live a much more normal life.

“Prince usually goes by his given name Michael, or even Mike sometimes, and he lives a very low key life on the Westside of Los Angeles,” our source says. “If you met him, and didn’t know who he was, you would never in a million years guess that he was this rich celebrity kid. He’s so down to earth, he doesn’t wear fancy clothes or flash his money around.”
But don’t worry, Prince isn’t totally depriving himself. “He does love Harley Davidson motorcycles, he’s got a few of those. That’s about the only thing he really indulges in,” our source reveals. “His motorcycles and his two dogs are probably his biggest passions. He loves to ride his motorcycles, every day if the weather will let him. And he’s the best dog dad. It’s very sweet to see how much he loves his dogs.”
Another thing that’s totally normal about Prince – he’s been attending Loyola Marymount University since 2016 and that’s where he met his current girlfriend, says the family friend. “He’s got a serious girlfriend that he’s very much in love with. They’ve been together for a couple of years now, but he’s very private about her identity. He’s protective of her. They met at school and he seems very happy with her.”
When it comes to his social life our source says Prince is choosy because – as the son of a famous father – he’s wary of people trying to take advantage of him. So, he mostly surrounds himself with family.  “He has friends but he keeps his circle very tight,” the insider says. “The people closest to him are his family.” And while he is incredibly close to his sister Paris Jackson, 21, and his younger brother, Blanket Jackson, 17, they aren’t the only “family” that he hangs out with, explains the source. “He has so many cousins his age so it’s easy,” the person says. “They’re his built in friend circle.”

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