Wendy Williams May Need To Pay Kevin Hunter Alimony Even If He Cheated – Attorney Explains

Wendy Williams' estranged husband is asking her for money in the midst of their pending divorce & New Jersey attorney, Peter G. Aziz EXCLUSIVELY told HL that because of state law, she may be forced to pay up.

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Wendy Williams, 54, and her ex, Kevin Hunter, 46, have been going through a bitter divorce, and things got even more complicated when he responded to her divorce filing on May 6. After he asked for spousal support from his ex, New Jersey attorney, Peter G. Aziz EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife the chances of her having to pay up. “New Jersey is a no fault state,” he explains. “The fact that he got another woman pregnant while he was still married will have little to no financial effect on what he is entitled to,” he says, referencing the cheating scandal that surrounds Kevin. The attorney also explained the different types of alimony Kevin has requested. “Rehabilitative alimony is when one party has to essentially get back on their feet. It is typically a situation where one party has been a caregiver and the other party has been the breadwinner. It’s usually when one party needs to reintegrate into the work force after being out of work for an extended period of time. Remember that in NJ the parties are expected to live the same or similar life style divorced as they did married. Permanent alimony is a financial award that goes on indefinitely.”

Not only did Kevin request spousal support, but he sought child support money from his ex as well. The couple share one son, Kevin Hunter Jr., who is 18-years-old and will turn 19 this August. So, if their teenage son is now an adult, why would Wendy be forced to pay child support? The lawyer explained: “In New Jersey, child support does not terminate once the child reaches the age of majority. So, as long as the child is enrolled in college and does not have gainful employment they will be entitled to child support. A divorce could be better for the child if the parents initially had no intentions of paying for tuition. A divorce could technically force the parents into sharing the tuition costs,” he told HollywoodLife.

As you could probably guess, Wendy isn’t exactly happy about her estranged husband’s request. However, she’s not going to be bitter about it. “It is business as usual for Wendy regarding Kevin’s new divorce demands,” a source close to the daytime talk show host told HollywoodLife, EXCLUSIVELY. “She is not surprised, nor is she even fazed by what he is asking for.” The source continued: “Wendy does feel slightly offended because the way she sees it, she has been the one that has been supporting both Kevin and his alleged baby momma all this time.” Kevin is being accused of having a more than 10-year affair with a woman named Sharina Hudson.

It was on May 6 that Wendy’s ex responded to her divorce filing. The news that the Wendy had served her long-time husband divorce papers first broke on April 11. The couple had been together for 21 years. Not only did she move out of their shared home, but she fired Kevin from his producer role on her morning talk show.

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