Celine Dion Dry Humps Katy Perry Dressed As Burger After Met Gala — A Video For The Ages

Here's something you probably thought you'd never read: Celine Dion got frisky with Katy Perry at the Met Gala while she was wearing a giant hamburger costume!

Katy Perry Celine Dion Met Gala
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Celine Dion is a big fan of Katy Perry‘s buns! The iconic singer got a little distracted during a post-Met Gala interview with TMZ when she saw Katy waddle by in her massive hamburger costume, and ran over to speak with her. Video of the moment, which you can watch HERE, is absolutely hilarious — Celine spots Katy in full hamburglar drag and looks positively enthralled. Celine gasps and goes to chat with the “Swish Swish” singer, who seems a little overwhelmed. After all, one of the biggest stars in the world is obsessed with her outfit, and she can’t even move her arms.

Celine can’t stop touching and squeezing Katy, and leans in to plant a big one on her lips. She’s hugging her hamburger body tightly, and at one point, quickly dry humps her! Katy looks absolutely shocked (see the pic below), but then starts giggling before heading into a Met Gala after party at The Standard Hotel. Oh, how we wish we could hear what they were talking about during that surely insane conversation. The best part about this? Celine isn’t even wearing her costume anymore. Just a hamburger and her sparkly friend, chatting outside a hotel!

This was a total 180 from the other celeb interaction Hamburger Helper had at the Met Gala. Katy was struggling to get into her getup in the bathroom at the Met, when Jennifer Lopez walked out of a stall, glanced at her, and continued walking away. So good!

Katy Perry Celine Dion Met Gala
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It’s hard to believe, but this wasn’t even the craziest thing Katy wore that night. For the Met Gala red carpet, she was dressed as a functioning chandelier. As for Celine, she wore a beaded dress and horned headdress that can only be described as, “Hela from Thor: Ragnarok but nice.”

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