Angelina Jolie ‘Still Grieving’ Brad Pitt Split More Than 2 Years Later: ‘She Misses What They Had’

It’s been nearly three years since Angelina Jolie split from Brad Pitt, but time hasn’t healed this wound. We’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that Angie’s still ‘raw’ over the break and there’s still ‘a hole in her life’ where he used to be.

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It’s been two and a half years since Angelina Jolie, 43, and Brad Pitt, 55, separated, but to the Maleficent actress, it feels like the breakup happened yesterday. Angie’s still sorting through her feelings over the split, and while some reports claim she hasn’t finalized the divorce because she wants Brad back, a source EXCLUSIVELY tells that’s not the case. “Angelina’s feelings about Brad are still raw, there is still a lot of healing that needs to happen,” a source close to Angie shares. “He’s the father of her children, a man she was deeply in love with and planned to spend forever with.”

“She isn’t done grieving the loss of their marriage,” the insider tells “There’s still a hole in her life and heart where Brad used to be. She misses him and what they once had. She hasn’t come anywhere close to meeting someone to replace him. The way things are between them right now, no one in her inner circle is expecting them to get back together but there’s no doubt she still has feelings for him.”

As to The Sun’s report that Angie has been stalling her divorce because she “wants to be back in a relationship” with the Meet Joe Black actor, the source tells that while Angie still has feelings for her ex, she’s not going to let him walk all over her. “It’s unfair to say she’s dragging out the divorce to try and get him back,” the insider said. “That’s simply not true. She’s just standing up for herself and making sure that the terms of this divorce are in the best interest of the kids.”

Angie split from Brad in September 2016, and it hasn’t been the smoothest of breakups. The two got shady with a bitter back-and-forth with court filings. Yet, they seemed to put aside their differences to work out a temporary custody arrangement in the 11 th hour in late 208. They are also reportedly negotiating for a “bifurcated judgment” of their married status, which would allow them to be legally divorced and single before all their assets are divided (and before a final custody is reached.) “Angie is not trying to make things hard on Brad, she just wants to be fair for her and the kids,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told “She is struggling to let go of any lingering resentment and wants to move to a place of healing, love, and forgiveness.”

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