‘Empire’s Katlynn Simone: Treasure’s Career Is ‘Questionable’ After Lucious Drama

Treasure's wrong move set in motion a chain of events that changed so much during the latest 'Empire' premiere. Katlynn Simone reveals how this impacts Treasure going forward in our EXCLUSIVE interview.

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Treasure tried to make a move on Lucious to thank him for believing in her, but he wasn’t having it. He attempted to push her away nicely, but Cookie walked in at precisely the wrong moment. Cookie believed Treasure and Lucious were hooking up, and she fled to Damon Cross’s room. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Katlynn Simone about what was going through Treasure’s head when she straddled Lucious during the April 3 episode of Empire.

“I definitely think that Treasure was just going through a bunch of stuff,” Katlynn told HollywoodLife. “I think that she had her first experience as an artist where she feels embarrassed and Lucious is there for her. There really hasn’t been a lot of people in the industry who have been looking out for her the way that he did, but I feel like she might be a little bit confused. Maybe she knows that it’s not necessarily right but maybe that’s the only way she knows how to show appreciation because of how she has been handled in the industry before. I definitely think that she was tipsy for sure. Treasure’s not dumb. She’s not stupid. She’s not just like, ‘Oh, I have a shot at Lucious, let’s do this.’ I think it’s just poor decision-making, naiveness, and not really knowing what to do but trying to show that she’s thankful for him believing in her.”

After Cookie walked in on the scene between Treasure and Lucious, she walked straight into the arms of Damon Cross. Damon has never been shy about his feelings about Cookie, so Cookie’s decision means her and Lucious’s marriage is at an all-time low. Meanwhile, Lucious brutally attacked Treasure’s sleazy manager, Joe. The fallout of what happened will leave Treasure’s future with Empire very unclear.

“Well, I can say one thing for Treasure: her career will be questionable after this,” Katlynn continued. “And I will also say as far as Lucius and Cookie go, they’ve been through a lot. As far as Cookie is concerned, I don’t really know how much more she can take out of all of this so we’ll see. As far as Treasure goes and the relationship between Lucious and Cookie, I think they’re both just up in the air right now after all this.”

Treasure is also battling bad blood with Tiana. Even though they’ve been working together, they’re not exactly best friends. HollywoodLife asked Katlynn whether or not she thinks Treasure and Tiana could become friends one day. She teased that she definitely thinks “we’ll start to see two females artists use their power in a more positive way and show that they can support each other and show that those people can win.”

There are still a number of episodes left until the season 5 finale, but Empire has finished filming for the season. HL got some EXCLUSIVE finale scoop from Katlynn that’s going to leave you on the edge of your seat! “As far as the finale goes, I don’t think anyone will expect it,” she revealed. “We’re going to find out a lot of answers. In my personal opinion, I feel like this season, from what I’ve heard from the fans, is one of the best and the juiciest seasons. I feel like this ending is going to have a lot of people tuning in for next season. I hope everyone tunes in and sees. It’s going to be great.” The show hasn’t been renewed for season 6, but it likely will be. Empire airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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