‘Empire’ Recap: Cookie Leans On Damon Cross After She Fears Lucious Betrayed Her

Cookie catches Lucious in a compromising position, but it's not what you think. The April 3 episode of 'Empire' featured an epic reunion, shocking hookups, and more.

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Tiana and Treasure are working together and their song is incredible, but that doesn’t mean they’re friends. They’re still not getting along, but they’re putting on a good show ahead of the Empire Trust tour. Blake is asked to go on tour with Hakeem and Tiana, along with Treasure and Carlito. Cookie, Lucious, and Giselle are putting a lot of effort into the tour, but they still have their doubts. This could work or it could fail miserably.

Thirsty reveals to Lucious that he was questioned by the feds about Damon Cross. Lucious realizes that they must get rid of any Empire connection to Panama. In order to salvage the money, Lucious transfers the money as a “donation” to Cookie’s charity. Cookie is pissed about this. Suddenly, Damon Cross shows up at Empire. He doesn’t like that they’re making decisions that involve him without him. He’s not about to be double-crossed like this. He says he’ll take care of the situation.

The tour gets underway. Blake shows up and starts to get flirty with Tiana right off the bat. When are these two just going to get together?! Later, Carlito tries to make a move on Tiana but she’s not having it. Maya tells Blake that it’s totally obvious he’s into Tiana.

Giselle has an idea about how to save Empire with the Damon Cross situation. She wants to invite him to Philly for the concert and say that they want one of his clients to invest in the tour. If FBI has trailed him to Empire, then they’re covered. Giselle offers to escort Damon. She’s got her eye on him. Meanwhile, Cookie is definitely dreaming sexy things about Damon!

At dress rehearsal for the first concert, Treasure’s sleazy manager shows up. Lucious thought he had taken care of things. He wants money. Lucious says he’s willing ot pay $30,000 to get the manager to go away for good. During the first performance, Blake goes on without Carlito, who is a no show. The lights begin to malfunction and the lights go completely out. Treasure falls off stage because she can’t see. She gets up and sees everyone recording her, so she runs off in tears. Lucious follows her. Treasure refuses to go back out on stage, but Lucious’s heart-to-heart helps change her mind.

Jamal brings the entire tour crew together and gives a huge speech. It’s the perfect inspiration given the lackluster beginning. “Let’s write a new chapter in the history of Empire,” he says. The next performance is so much better. When Jamal is about to perform his song, the lights go out again. Jamal makes it work, though. He has the fans light up the room with their phones. He starts to sing his love song about Kai, but he starts to break down in tears. His pal Winter comes in for the save when he needs it.

Andre is told that he needs to start aggressive chemo immediately. Teri is worried about the chemo, but Andre wants to go full steam ahead. Just when he thinks he’s fine, he starts violently throwing up.

Tiana gets a little tipsy after the performance and nearly makes a move on Blake. She gets distracted and heads over to Carlito. Damon is also at the party, and Cookie seems a little jealous of a possible romance between the Damon and Giselle. Damon assures Cookie that it’s strictly business with Giselle. Meanwhile, a tipsy Treasure tries to make a move on Lucious in a dressing room. She straddles him and tries to kiss him. Lucious attempts to push her away, but Cookie walks in at the worst possible time.

Cookie runs off in tears. But Cookie doesn’t go back to her room, she goes to Damon’s room. When she walks in, she drops her coat on the floor. At the same time, Blake goes to Tiana to tell her how he feels. Just before he gets there, he sees her at her door getting cozy with Carlito. Blake walks away devastated. He passes by Maya’s room and she invites him into her room. Kai shows up at Jamal’s room and they reunite.

Teri calls Lucious and tells him that Andre has cancer. Lucious is shaken by the news. As he’s trying to process the news, Treasure’s manager, Joe, returns. Now he wants $50,000 since he didn’t get his money before. When Joe touches Lucious, Lucious snaps. He bashes Joe’s head in by the dumpsters. It appears that Lucious may have killed another man. Cookie’s going to have a field day with this.

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