James Charles Mocked On Twitter For Threatening To Sue Jovan Hill Over Faking A DM From Him

Jovan Hill's latest Twitter joke isn't sitting too well with his victim, James Charles! James freaked over the fake message Jovan posted to his page, and fans are trolling him for the reaction.

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UPDATE: James took to Twitter during the afternoon of March 13 to address the fake screenshot situation on Twitter. “It’s scary to me that there are actual people on Twitter who crave attention so badly that they make fake screenshots to try and ruin other’s careers and lives,” he wrote. “It’s not funny.”

James Charles was the butt of Jovan Hill’s latest joke, and he wasn’t thrilled about it! Jovan, an Internet star who makes money by pleading for his viewers to donate to him, posted a fake screenshot of his Instagram DMs on March 12, with an unopened ‘message’ from James sitting at the top. The fake message read ‘n***er,’ and Jovan shared the screenshot on Twitter with a question mark emoji. It wasn’t long before James caught wind of the prank, and he responded, “This is absolutely not funny, delete this immediately or my lawyer will be in contact.”

Of course, James is right — it’s not funny — but Twitter still mocked him for threatening legal action over it. Jovan responded to the message by writing, “Let’s do it baby I know the law,” and he had people cracking up. One person posted a video of Nicki Minaj pretending to be shocked with the caption, “Jovan when he meets James Charles’ attorney,” and another person shared the infamous video of Snooki writing “the note” to Sammi Giancola on Jersey Shore, with the message, “James’ lawyer texting him that he can’t sue Jovan.”

The tweets and memes were aplenty, but Jovan’s Twitter account was still suspended in the end. However, he took to Instagram to fire back at James with the message, “I’m never gonna get over white people thinking you can sue for everything.”


Meanwhile, James deleted his response to Jovan, but he’s been tweeting about makeup and YouTube videos in the hours since.

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