‘RHOBH’: Lisa Vanderpump Searches For Evidence To Clear Her Name In PuppyGate

After the ladies ganged up on Lisa Vanderpump and accused her of spreading the scandalous dog story about Dorit, she came across evidence that may point the finger at a different culprit.

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After an explosive start to the girls’ Bahamas trip, the ladies became divided during the March 5 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards comforted Dorit when they went out for some snorkeling, as she was still struggling to make sense of the gossip surrounding the situation with her former dog, Lucy Lucy Apple Juice. Camille suggested that Dorit should have told Lisa Vanderpump she was giving her dog to another family, but Lisa Rinna defended Dorit and said that she was just protecting her children from a dog that had bitten them, and their safety should always come first.

Meanwhile, Teddi went golfing with Erika, during which Teddi revealed that she felt used by Lisa Vanderpump. So Erika told Teddi to stand her ground and keep telling her side of the story over and over again until Lisa Vanderpump finally takes ownership for the role she played in the situation that fans are still dubbing PuppyGate. And after a shopping date between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards, Lisa felt the need to call Teddi and try to get clarity on everything. But when Teddi arrived at Lisa’s hotel room, she was surprised to learn she wasn’t receiving an apology.

Instead, Lisa Vanderpump sort of wanted Teddi to apologize for accusing her of being a liar. But Teddi whipped out a text message she had from her friend John Blizzard (who works at Vanderpump Dogs) that said Lisa did want him to bring Dorit’s dog out on the day that Teddi and Kyle visited the shelter. Lisa called it rubbish, so Teddi left the room annoyed. But not before she apologized to Dorit for the pain Lisa had already caused her.

Later, the ladies met for dinner and Teddi could barely look at Lisa Vanderpump. “I wished tonight I felt better, but I don’t. I can sit here, I can be cordial, but I’m not going to sugarcoat it and have small talk and pretend like everything’s 100 percent hunky-dory because I’m not a f**king fake,” Teddi told her co-stars as Lisa Vanderpump looked on. Obviously it was an attack on Lisa Vanderpump, and she knew it. So instead of sitting there and taking it, Lisa got up and said goodbye to everyone. And then she left the Bahamas the next morning at 4am to get back to work in Los Angeles.

And once Lisa returned home, her husband, Ken, presented her with some new information. Apparently, he had asked John Blizzard to print out all of the text messages that he and Teddi had sent each other about the dog situation, and once Lisa read them, she was shocked because one of Teddi’s texts said, “Have the dog there and I can say it looks like Dorit’s dog.” Teddi also allegedly said, “Either way. It will come out.” So was Teddi the one who wanted to set Dorit up? Or was Lisa more involved than she’s letting on?

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