Mahogany LOX: Social Media Star Reveals She’s Been Cooking Up New Music With Her Brother Sky Blu

Social media stunner Mahogany LOX has built herself a loyal social media following – the LOXSmiths, and there's a reason 5 million of them in total are following her every move.

Mahogany LOX
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If one were to look up the definition of triple threat, Mahogany LOX would be a prime example. The social media queen, born Mahogany Cheyenne Gordy, not only holds her own as a model on Deal Or No Deal, but she’s got a bustling DJ career too. Plus, the certified party-starter can sing like it’s nobody’s business, and incorporates her sultry vocals into all her live performances. Being the granddaughter of Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records, this lady was destined for greatness. Oh, and as the sister of LMFAO’s Sky Blu, AKA Skyler Austen Gordy, hit-making is a household norm. No wonder it comes so natural to the 24-year-old stunner. We chatted with Mahogany about all of the epic projects she’s got on her plate, and what else her dedicated LOXSmiths can expect in the year to come.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

Everybody that has ever entered Motown. I love Mariah Carey, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child. There’s a lot. And there’s YG, he’s a big influence.

You’re a DJ and a singer. Is there one that takes precedence over the other for you?

Actually, no. I’m a performance DJ. So, usually, I just do it all together. So it’s just one big happy family.

What can fans look out for in 2019?

I have a lot music in the works, but I can’t really talk too much about it. But I’m definitely going to [release music], and I hope you guys like [it].

You’re actually related to both members of musical duo LMFAO. Is there any advice they’ve given you musically?

Well, my brother is Sky Blu of LMFAO. He gave me some advice not too long ago and I hope I’m quoting this right, but he said, “Every time you perform, do it the best you can because it could be someone’s first performance and someone’s last performance that they’ve ever seen.” And I was like “Wow, you’re right.” You have to give it all, 24/7 you know?

That’s some solid advice! Would you guys ever collaborate with each other?

Well, me and my brother actually work on almost all of my music together. My first single, he co-wrote and produced, plus a a bunch of my other stuff. A lot of the stuff you guys haven’t heard is mostly with him.

Congrats on Deal or No Deal. Would you want to delve more into the television side of the industry?

Yeah, I think it’s fun, I definitely think acting is an amazing way to express yourself and an amazing craft. I definitely want to get into it even more.

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