Mahogany LOX Is A Pink Kitten Princess In Playful ‘It Is What It Is’ Video

Instagram queen Mahogany LOX is now taking the music world by storm, too, and has your exclusive first look at her super sexy new lyric video. Meow!

One of Mahogany LOX‘s many monikers is “the girl with the ears,” and in her new lyric video, she lives up to that! “I had a lot of fun dressing up,” the 23-year-old tells us, explaining that she chose the fluffy pink robe and cat ears for the visual in hopes that it would represent the “fun and slightly edgy” mood of the song. Watch the flirtatious lyric video for “It It What It Is,” then check out the rest of our Q&A with Mahogany below!

Were there any standout moments on set?
Everything was fun! We filmed at my apartment so it was really comfortable. Plus, my boyfriend Carlos is in the video, which made it even more special!

Can we expect a full-length album or EP down the line?
Yes! 2018 is going to be fun and full of music.

What else do you hope to accomplish this year?
I’d like to create more music, DJ and do a world tour so I can meet more LOXSmiths.

Who would you want to collaborate with on a song?
Shawn Mendes and Jack & Jack. That would be so fun because we all got our start in entertainment performing together on the MagCon tour. And I’d love to work with Ed Sheeran!

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it is what it is.

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Which band would you drop everything to join if you were asked?
The Spice Girls or Destiny’s Child. I’m not picky. [Laughs]

Have you met anyone who really made you starstruck?
Tia and Tamera Mowry from Sister Sister, and Mariah Carey!

What’s something you’re passionate about outside of your work?
Animals! I foster them a lot. I personally have two dogs — Pockets and Tedward — a cat named Daizee, a snake (Voldemort aka Donkey) and a pig (Notorious P.I.G. aka Piggy Smalls.)

Anything else in the pipeline you want us to know about?
Keep your ears open for some new music. It’s coming!

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