‘AGT: Champions’ Winner Shin Lim Reveals He’s Planning ‘Larger Scale’ Magic In Future Acts

Shin Lim is your back-to-back 'AGT' champion! After winning 'AGT: The Champions,' HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with him about how he's ready to change things up with his act, his hand injury, and more.

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Shin Lim, 27, was crowned the first-ever AGT: The Champions winner just months after winning America’s Got Talent season 13. That makes the talented magician the franchise’s first back-to-back winner! “It is super surreal!” Shin told HollywoodLife after winning AGT: The Champions. “I can’t believe it! I mean, winning AGT was kind of a dream already, so adding Champions and having it all go by so quickly… when it was over I was like, ‘Wow, that just happened!’ That was what was going through my mind the whole time. But I feel very grateful and really honored, so moving forward I will try my best to make everyone proud!”

Shin has big plans for the rest of the year. “I have a show in Vegas at The Mirage, and it will be starting on May 27 and will run through the whole year, as well as a North American tour,” he revealed. Shin also discussed the changes he’s thinking about making to his act. “I think I am going to try to make my magic a little more on a larger scale as opposed to up close. Obviously, in a theater, it’s a few thousand seat theater, so you need to kind of have a little more showmanship than just the closeup,” he said.

HollywoodLife also got an update on Shin’s hand injury, which he revealed during season 13. He severely injured two of his left thumb tendons, which could have impacted his future with magic. The injuries didn’t stop Shin from achieving his dreams, but he still has some limitations because of his injuries. “I have to just limit my practice,” Shin said. “I can’t go over two hours with the things I do in practice. I can’t do anything repetitive. The motions have to be kind of variant. Because if I have too much repetitive motions with my fingers, then the carpal tunnel creeps back in, so I just have to be really careful with it and be aware at all times!”

Shin captivated us week after week with his incredible and jaw-dropping tricks. He opened up about why he thinks people are still so fascinated by magic and illusion. “It kind of gives a sense of wonder, something a lot of adults lose as they grow older. So sometimes when you are watching a trick that really inspires you or fools you, that brings you back to the moment when you were a kid when you actually believed in that stuff. And, of course, when you are a kid and are watching all that stuff it really is amazing! I remember when I was 11 and watching David Blaine. I was like, ‘This is insane!'”

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