‘AGT’s Shin Lim Reveals There’s An Illusion Trick He Can’t Do After Injury: It’s ‘Too Dangerous’

Shin Lim will be taking the stage for the 'AGT' semi-finals on Sept. 4, and he spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about his next act, one trick that's 'too dangerous,' and how he keeps his magic fresh!

Shin Lim, 23, has made it to the America’s Got Talent season 13 semi-finals, and he’s going to continue to push the boundaries with his magic. He’s been waiting to perform his best act at the semi-finals. “It is my favorite act, and I believe it is my best act,” Shin told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY ahead of the Sept. 4 semi-finals. “I have been saving it.” However, there’s one certain illusion he won’t be performing. “I used to do an illusion that I don’t do anymore,” he continued. “I injured my hand, and it is too dangerous. I stopped doing it, but I wish I could still do it. It is a bigger scale thing and very cool.”

As he moves forward in the competition, Shin is constantly pondering what he can do to switch things up with his act. “Every single time I am thinking, ‘Is this getting old? Is it old fashioned or need any spicing up or is it boring?’ So I am always thinking of ways to change it or stay away from the norm of the classic magic that is going on right now,” Shin told HL.

As for what he would do with the $1 million cash prize, Shin would want to keep his life as normal as possible. “It might be a weird answer, but I am not going to do anything,” Shin revealed to HollywoodLife. “I am going to go on with my life as normal, and I will save or invest it. But I will not spend it. I am a pretty stingy guy, and I never spend money. Now I don’t spend money so I won’t spend this.” America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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