Glenn Close Giving The Sexy Eyes To Melissa McCarthy Before The Oscars Is The Meme Of The Night

Oh my! Melissa McCarthy caught Glenn Close's eye across the red carpet, and received a very approving look from her fellow Oscar nominee. Watch it go down, here.

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They may have been vying for the same award, but Glenn Close, 71, and Melissa McCarthy, 48, showed no animosity on the 2019 Oscars red carpet. In fact, Glenn showed her solidarity for her fellow “Best Actress” nominee by giving the Can You Ever Forgive Me? star that all-knowing look: “sexy eyes.” You know, that look reserved for an exceptionally attractive person across the bar, or in this case, the 91st Academy Awards. Watch Glenn (unabashedly) admire Melissa below.

We can’t blame Glenn, as we were giving Melissa that same look ourselves! The actress was gorgeous in a white and black jumpsuit, topped off with an elegant satin cape, as she arrived at the Oscars. And even though she was trying to make us laugh later while presenting the “Best Costume Design” award with her aristocrat getup, puppets and all (a spoof on The Favourite), she still looked like a stunner. Even if Melissa didn’t win “Best Actress” on Sunday night (that honor went to Olivia Colman instead), she’s still going viral on Twitter for two reasons — so, it was a successful night for her. Glenn also deserved sexy eyes, as The Wife star looked regal in a metallic gold gown with a dramatic train.

Glenn’s feelings towards Melissa are mutual, as the latter gave the Fatal Attraction star a respectful shoutout during her Oscar portfolio for People! “One of my favorite moments in the world is Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons when she’s shamed at the end and people turn on her,” McCarthy said. “And you watch her in the movie completely flush red. There’s no CGI.  It’s just her feeling it and her body reacting, and I literally remember being like, did everyone freak out? When that happened, and they got it on film, they must have just lost their minds. It still gives me chills to think about.”

Fans are living for the friendship between these two Oscar nominees! “OMG this is amazing and such a mood,” one fan replied underneath the clip above, and another tweeted, “I cannot stop watching this!! Glenn Close is a WHOLE mood!!” Our thoughts exactly.

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