K-Pop Stars Daisy & Yunhyeong Confuse Fans With Conflicting Statements After Dating Rumors

Fans are freaking out over rumors that MOMOLAND's Daisy and iKON's Yunhyeong might be dating, but the K-Pop stars have  left their loyal followers quite confused after releasing different statements about the rumors.

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Daisy form MOMOLAND and Yunhyeong from iKON are reportedly in a relationship! “Song Yunhyeong and Daisy are dating,” Sports Seoul reported on Feb. 14. “They met as a senior and junior in the industry, became friends and started dating about three to four months ago. They enjoy going on dates whenever they have free time, just like other couples.” A second source confirmed to the outlet that the pair aren’t able to see each other that often because of their busy schedules, but they “cherish one another.”

Fans immediately began going nuts over this potential relationship, and finally, representatives from the duo’s agencies released statements about the romance rumors. However, it looks like their clients had different things to say about what’s going on. “With interest in each other, they met up a few times, but they are not dating,” iKON’s agency, YG Entertainment, said. However, MOMOLAND’s agency responded, “After checking [with Daisy], we confirmed that they have been seeing each other for three months with interest in one another.”

These conflicting responses immediately sent fans into quite a frenzy on Twitter. However, many made sure to stand up for both singers and point out that there shouldn’t be a freak-out over the situation. “No one’s allowed to hate on Yunhyeong nor Daisy,” one fan wrote. “They’re caught up in a very awkward situation. They must’ve been going out but not on THAT level yet hence the confusion and different statements.”

In the K-Pop music industry, dating is not encouraged, so it’s no surprise that these two were trying to keep things on the down low if they are in a relationship.

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