‘Corporate’s Anne Dudek ‘Negotiates Being A Woman’ In Business While On The ‘Verge Of A Breakdown’

Anne Dudek is ready to shine in the newest episode of Comedy Central's 'Corporate.' And by shine, we mean bring to light the ridiculous standards which women are held to in a corporate office.

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Anne Dudek
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As we know, there is gender inequality across most professions, but the gap is huge and and improvement is grim, specifically in corporate America. For example, in December 2017, it was reported that women hold only 23 percent of senior executive posts, according to an analysis by Korn Ferry of the top 1,000 United States companies by revenue. Enter Comedy Central’s Corporate, which brings an eye-opening sense of hilarity to the problems plaguing corporate America, like the gender imbalance, and, in the newest episode, the ridiculous double standards that surround women’s roles in the workplace. In Corporate‘s upcoming episode, airing Tuesday at 10:30 PM, Anne Dudek‘s character Kate struggles to balance her own determined and strong personality with the way the businessmen surrounding her believe she should behave, which is docile and apologetic.

“Remember when Serena Williams was in the US Open and accused of cheating? And she went said ‘I didn’t cheat’ to the ref, and it became this media sensation of how combative she was, and this double standard of like how men would not have been penalized for that kind of assertion. I actually went back and watched the footage and I thought she conducted herself with such strength and certainty, and it’s a really fascinating thing that our culture does not allow women to be angry or to stand up for themselves.” Anne explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com. “This episode Kate is in that tension of wishing she could be Serena Williams, basically, all the time at work. How many tiny little slights and things that women are supposed to just completely ignore? And it sort of leaves you on the verge of like a total meltdown at all moments, and that’s my character experience of corporate life — in order to negotiate being a woman in that workplace, just completely shutting down things that could rightfully be complained about, or else you’re labeled.”

The episode starts with Kate waking up two hours before work, putting on a full face of make-up and making sure her outfit is appropriate and smooth, contrasted with her colleague Matt (Matt Ingebretson), who awakes just minutes before needing to be in the office. However, upon Kate’s arrival she’s told she looks ‘tired,’ while Matt is complimented on looking ‘fresh face.’ “This episode really highlights that comical contradiction of, it takes three hours to do every single thing you’re supposed to do to just basically look normal, and then, someone is still going to judge you as not looking good enough,” Anne commented. “What’s the lesson in that? I think just pointing out that comical contradiction in our culture and the way that we have to appear, just to be a normal human being, which is so absurd.”

“I just love that this episode finds the humor in that by pointing out just the very specific, ridiculous scenarios in which there’s no allocation for just saying something that is a contradiction of a man,” she added. Make sure to tune in to Corporate, on Comedy Central, Tuesdays at 10:30 PM ET!