‘Love After Lockup’: Brittany Defends Marcelino From Fans Who Call Him ‘Controlling’

'Love After Lockup's Brittany is pissed at viewers who are urging her to leave Marcelino. She's defending him against fans who are calling him an ' controlling a**hole.'

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Image Credit: Courtesy of WEtv

With every passing week on Love After Lockup, Marcelino, 40, seems to be getting more and more controlling over former inmate and  future fiancée Brittany. He’s bullied her friends and on the Jan. 25 episode he had a major chip on his shoulder when meeting Brittany’s baby daddy Tito for the first time (while she sweetly reunited with their three-year-old son Giovanni). Fans have been telling her that ever since she got out of prison and the show began airing that Marcelino has been far too aggressive in his behavior towards her. But the 28-year-old doesn’t see it that way and she’s letting viewers know in a big way.

She took to Twitter after the episode to scold fans that Marcelino is totally her hero and not the jerk he appears to be in his edits. “I’m so confused! Marcelino enters my life with no judgment of my past and says he wants to love and support me and my son and never see me go back to prison… and he’s an asshole? WTF? #mindblown #LoveAfterLockup” she tweeted out after fans were calling out Marcelino for being far too agro when meeting Tito for the first time.

The WE tv show’s fans let her know why they were so concerned about her. “He SAYS that but his actions are super controlling, disrespectful and insecure. Personally I think you’re too good for him and he will end up being a problem. You seem really smart – wish u the best girl,” one person responded. Another wrote “I think it’s just the way he talks to you in many scenes. It can be hard to watch. It’s a lot of misogyny. But of course it could be editing or whatever.” That person totally has a point, as in last week’s episode Marcelino said that no woman could every properly raise a son and that the job required a man to do it.

Marcelino also took away Brittany’s plate of food on her FIRST DINNER OUT OF PRISON because she didn’t agree with what he was trying to tell her. His actions have seemed controlling, and he won’t let her see any of her pals from the past…albeit most of them are ex-cons she knew in jail. Bisexual Brittany has yet to tell him that she still has feelings for her prison ex-girlfriend Amanda, who she has got together with several times behind Marcelino’s back. On the upside, he wants to make sure she doesn’t do anything to break her probation or return to prison. We can’t wait for next week when it appears Brittany finally confesses her lingering emotions about Amanda, because if fans thought Marcelino was an asshole over how he treated Tito, they haven’t seen anything yet!

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