‘Shameless’ Recap: Fiona Continues To Lose Control & Frank Goes To Great Lengths For Ingrid

Fiona is struggling big time after her breakup with Ford and her real estate nightmare. Her downward spiral continued on the Jan. 20 episode, forcing the other Gallagher kids to step up.

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If you thought Fiona’s downward spiral was over, think again. Fiona’s turning into Frank these days. She’s drinking vodka in the morning, in the shower, everywhere. This girl is not in a good place. Meanwhile, Carl and Kelly are still seeing each other and trying to sneak around. They pull off some stealth moves to not get noticed by her strict dad. He starts to introduce Kelly to his bad boy ways. They start jacking motorized scooters and making money off of them. A typical Carl con.

Kev and V’s foster kid is approved, and he’s a 12-year-old kid named Santiago. He doesn’t speak English, but he does know the national anthem. He’s got an incredible voice. Kev and V learn that he was crossing the border with his father and sister when they all got separated. He has no idea where they are. Even though Kev really wants to keep Santiago, he and V know that they have to find his family.

Frank and crazy Ingrid have somehow stayed alive through this hiatus. Her next wild plan is that she wants Frank to help fertilize her eggs. Does Frank really need to become a father again?! The answer: NO! He has to provide his semen for the fertilization, and the first go-round doesn’t produce the best results. He’s got a low sperm count! Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Frank Gallagher always finds a way.

The power goes out at the Gallagher house, and Debbie finds out that Fiona hasn’t been paying the bills. She takes control to get the bills in order. The squirrel fund is back!

Fiona’s drinking like a fish and making fool out of herself at work. She flips out over gum underneath the tables in front of customers and goes off on a guy because of his allergies. Fiona, get it together!

Frank manages to convince the doctor to let him try to get a semen sample at home. Instead of his using his semen, Frank bets Carl that he can’t jack off in under 3 minutes. Carl takes the challenge and Frank’s $100 wager. He hands the cup back to Frank in under 3 minutes. Frank takes Carl’s sample right back to the doctor, who calls this sample a “miracle.” Looks like Carl’s going to be a father — and he has no idea!

Lip and Tami are still seeing each other, but she wants him to get his own place. He tells her that he’s thinking of redoing the basement. Tami is a bit abrasive, but she keeps Lip on his toes. I like her.

Fiona ends up back at The Alibi. Yes, she continues to drink. It looks like she’s developing a drinking problem, and I’m scared for her. Kev has to carry Fiona home because she passed out at the bar. The family is shocked that Fiona can’t seem to find her footing after the Ford drama and real estate bailout. Pray for Fiona, y’all. Emmy Rossum’s final episodes are going to put us through the wringer!