6 K-Pop Couples Who Went Public With Romances: HyunA & E’Dawn & More

Sometimes you can't stop love! See inside for adorable couples in K-Pop like HyunA and E'Dawn, G.O and Choi Ye Seul, and more!

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Korean pop singers are often on grueling performing schedules and under tight restrictions from their record labels. While the rise to fame and adoration from fans around the world is likely an incredible experience, when it comes down to it, these stars are just normal people underneath it all. Just like everyone else, they deserve love if that’s what they want, and will find relationships with others who have shared like experiences with them. The fishbowl way of life for these celebrities may lead these K-Pop stars to develop relationships with others in their industry, because they just get what they’re going through. That’s how K-Pop celebrity couples could likely happen and risk it all for love.

Singers HyunA, 26, and E’Dawn, 24, who were in Triple H together, more than likely bonded over being in the very same group. The announced their relationship in August 2018 after much speculation. “I really wanted to be honest,” HyunA shared on Instagram in Korean. “As always for the fans who always cheer and watch, I am happy to be there on stage.” Unfortunately, after confirming they were together, their record label, Cube Entertainment, fired them.

Another singer, G.O, 31, who was in group MBLAQ, and actress Choi Ye Seul, 25, made their relationship official in March 2018 while on Afreeca TV, according to Soompi. “This is my girlfriend,” the singer said on the show. She then kissed his cheek in an adorable display of public affection. “It’s an honor to appear as the first guest of G.O TV,” she said. At that point, the couple had been together for around nine months. Both Choi Ye Seul and G.O talked about how they met: through friends. “At first, we ate with our acquaintances and I began to have good feelings towards her,” he said. “We contacted each other frequently and saw movies together, and I think my feelings for her naturally grew.” We can’t wait to see more from this couple!

Afreeca TV

Kai, 25, from group EXO, and Jennie Kim, 23, from Black Pink may be the next K-Pop couple on our radar! The pair was seen on a date in Nov. 2018, and together again in December! We’ll have to keep our eyes out for those two to see if they’re officially together or not. Be sure to click the gallery above for more K-Pop couples!

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