Kelly Rowland Shares Her Diet & Fitness Secrets: What She Does To Stay So Slim – It Takes ‘Work’

Coinciding with her new Fabletics clothing line, Kelly Rowland spoke with HollywoodLife about her diet and fitness tricks and tips! Read on for details inside!

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Looking as toned and fit as celebrities isn’t something that just happens naturally. While a good portion of celebs often cite genetics as the sole reason for their appearance, that’s just not the full story. They’re also putting in the time to achieve their fitness goals. Singer Kelly Rowland, 37, who launched The Kelly Rowland for Fabletics line in 2019, got honest with HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview about the effort she puts in to maintain her physique.

“I like working out,” Kelly said. “I genuinely love working out. I love the way I feel when I’m working out. I love the fact that I’m taking the time to pour back into myself. Workouts for me are a time for [myself] and I get to pour back into myself and I love that.” Kelly said her favorite workouts are with personal trainer 29-year-old Massy Arias, pilates, and SoulCycle. This passion for fitness led to her Fabletics line – Kelly credited her “love for dance and movement” as the line’s inspiration. She also wanted to create a line “for women to be able to have the most beautiful looks on while they’re working out, while they’re experiencing life, while they are doing a million things at once.” For Kelly, creating her Fabletics line was “a dream come true and it’s exciting to see so many people respond to it.”

Kelly def keeps track of her nutrition intake as well. She said her go-to secret for losing weight after the holiday season is eating protein and veggies and drinking water. “It sounds boring, and it is, but it works,” Kelly said. She also mentioned that in addition to looking at what you eat, which “kind of works,” you also “have to do the work.” She concluded, “That’s one of my mantras for 2019. Don’t be afraid to do the work.”

You can check out Kelly’s inclusive line on Fabletics now, which is available from sizes XXS to 3X.