Orlando Brown: 5 Things To Know About Former Disney Star After His Intervention With Dr. Phil

Orlando Brown has been a hot topic in the news after his alarming intervention with Dr. Phil on December 21, where he admitted that he wants to marry Raven Symone, among other bizarre things. Here's 5 facts about him!

Orlando Brown
Image Credit: Courtesy of OWN

Orlando Brown, 31, raised eyebrows when he sat down with Dr. Phil McGraw for an intervention on December 21. During their interview, Brown discussed his troubled past with alcohol and drugs, and he even admitted that the late Michael Jackson is his father. Brown later clarified that he sees the King of Pop as more of a “father figure,” despite claiming members of the Jackson family have confirmed it. In addition to Brown’s bizarre statements, he showed up to the interview with black and gold snake eye contacts in. As many concerned fans continue to process Brown’s words, here’s five facts about him.

1. Orlando Brown is an American actor, rapper and singer. — The California native is best known for his acting gigs on the Disney Channel. In the ’00s, the actor played Eddie Thomas opposite Raven Symone on her hit Disney Channel show, That’s So Raven. He started the show at age 13 and concluded at 18. He is known for his other roles as 3J in Family Matters, Tiger in Major Payne, Max in Two of a Kind, Damey Wayne in Waynehead, Dobbs in Max Keeble’s Big Move, and Frankie in Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off. Brown has made songs with Raven Symone, Akon, Sean Kingston, T-Pain, TravStar, and others.

2. He’s been arrested multiple times. — In early 2018, in separate incidents, Brown was arrested for trespassing in Las Vegas after allegedly breaking into a restaurant. Also in 2018, Brown was arrested for alleged felony drug possession and misdemeanor charges of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest and obstructing a public officer, and for alleged battery against a spouse following a verbal confrontation with his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s mother.

3. Brown is four years sober as of December 2018. — For years, Brown had issues with alcohol and drugs, specifically vodka, marijuana and crystal meth. At one point he admitted that he was selling crystal meth. According to Dr. Phil, he “has gone from a promising young actor to a homeless mentally ill addict,” whose friends fear “is near death.” In September 2018, Brown entered a treatment facility for mental health and substance abuse issues. At the end of the intervention episode, Dr. Phil said that Brown “did accept our offer of treatment and has been at a duel diagnosis facility here in California since the conclusion of this interview.” He also said the actor “has been committed to treatment and has made great strides.” 

4. He has four kids. — Brown admitted to Dr. Phil that he has four children that he “knows of.” However, he has not met all of his children. Brown even told Dr. Phil that he isn’t sure how old his children are either. “One is two, one is five, one is actually like 11, and the oldest is 16-18… Not sure until I get in front of their faces,” he said. Brown also admitted that he doesn’t know the names of all of his kids. “My 11-year-old’s name, I gotta figure that one out. But, if I had to name him anything, I’d be John,” Brown said. “I don’t know the 16-year-old’s name, but that’s what I plan on doing.”

5. He’s claimed he wants to marry his former co-star, Raven Symone. — Brown used his Dr. Phil interview as an opportunity to talk about his desire to marry Symone, 33, who he says he has a good relationship with. “I want to marry her. I have to find out a way to ask her. Right now, I’m just chilling,” he said.

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