Julia Roberts Gets ‘Kardashian Cleavage’ To Boost Her Instagram Followers — Watch

Ellen DeGeneres is on a mission to get Julia Roberts more Instagram followers! Watch her gift Julia with the hilarious 'Kardashian cleavage' she thinks will do the trick!

Julia Roberts & Ellen DeGeneres
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Image Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Julia Roberts was pretty much the last celebrity on the planet to join Instagram, so she’s understandably lagging behind in follower numbers. The Homecoming star has three million, which is nothing to sneeze at, but celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, for example, have sixty million! Ellen wanted to throw Julia, 51, a bone on the November 30 episode of her show and give her the opportunity to grow her online fan base. The solution? Copy what the Kardashians do, of course! Julia was afraid that meant she had to go nude, but it’s not that drastic.

While Julia was hoping Ellen was going to bring out the real Kardashians, she had something else in mind: Kardashian cleavage! By that, we mean huge, prosthetic boobs topped with a tiny bikini top and a gauzy coverup. “You’re going to thank me for this,” Ellen quips. She made her pose with a tropical background to get that coveted, sexy vacation pic. Perfect! Poor Julia was so embarrassed by the whole thing, though. “I guess I’m supposed to want followers, but right now, I’m not sure,” she said, blushing.

Ellen made it 100x worse by then bringing out Martha Stewart to teach her how to take a foodie pic. What a nightmare! And yes, Julia’s still wearing the fake chest the entire time and immediately tries to cover up. Even better? Ellen masters the TBT and the “famous friend” shots at once by surprising Julia with Dermot Mulroney, her My Best Friend’s Wedding co-star! Julia’s forced to keep the outfit on for this, too.

“Oh, how the mighty have fallen,” Julia jokes, referring to herself, as Dermot tries but fails to give her a hug around her massive chest. This is so damn funny!

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