Victoria’s Secret Spray Tan Artist Reveals How To Get The Model’s Glow In The Dead Of Winter

The VS Fashion Show airs on Dec. 2, and you can see bronze goddesses like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner on the runway. Find out how to get their glow with tips from the exclusive VS spray tan artist below!

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victorias secret tan at home
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Kristyn Pradas, the Exclusive Victoria’s Secret Spray Tan Artist for the 2019 Fashion Show and Founder of Pradas Glow, told EXCLUSIVELY how to copy this gorgeous, glowing look at home: “To start, shave or wax if needed, then shower and exfoliate. Using a tanning mitt, apply Pradas Glow Sol Solution Sunless Tanning Mousse in a circular motion until fully blended. Begin at the feet and work your way up. Rinse off in one hour for a glow, two hours for a light tan, three hours for a medium tan, or four hours for a dark tan. Be sure to pat dry not rub when rinsed. For the Victoria’s Secret sun-kiss glow, leave on one to two hours. Once showered, the color will continue to develop.”

“If, however, you just want a glow for the night, apply the Pradas Glow Camo in light, medium, or dark, depending on your skin tone. This anti-aging bronzing enhancer product can be used on face and body, camouflaging imperfection while plumping and hydrating the skin. Apply the exact same way as the self-tanner. Want to be darker? Apply one layer, allow to dry for a few seconds, and then add more layers if needed. The Pradas Glow Camo glides on easily, drys quickly, does not transfer on to clothing, and allows you to customize the shade of your desired skin tone!”

I know people always ask me about self-tanner causing streaks, but the mitt is really the key to a flawless application. “When at home, apply with a mitt in a continuous circular motion,” Kristyn says. “Make sure that the skin is free of oils, moisturizer, lotion, perfume, deodorant, and AHAs, BHAs, salicylic acids, retinols, etc. Make sure that no water comes in contact with your tan while it’s developing and if for some reason any water is to touch the skin, pat dry with a paper towel, do not rub.”

You won’t turn orange if you use high quality products, and don’t overdo it. “For optimal results, it’s best to only tan once a week.”

The VS models make sure to diet and workout before the show, but their spray tans can make them look even MORE defined! “Contouring is always done with the tan to make the models bodies look more defined. Shading is the most important. If you want certain areas to appear slimmer, you want to make those areas darker. You can do this by applying one entire layer of the self tanner to the body, and then applying a second layer to the areas that you want to contour. You can also use a makeup sponge to contour abs, cheekbones, muscle definition, cleavage. Contour always looks best and most natural when enhancing your own features.”