Emily Ratajkowski’s Diet & Fitness Tips Revealed: How She Keeps Her Incredible Bikini Bod

Forget the Whole30 diet, counting your macros and spinning on a stationary bicycle for an hour. Emily Ratajkowski has a laissez-faire approach to her meals and workouts that's not a total headache, and HL has EXCLUSIVE intel.

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Emily Ratajkowski Diet Fitness
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Restrictive meal planning and an infinite amount of weights aren’t part of the equation that results in Emily Ratajkowski’s taut abs and butt. Rather, the 27-year-old model keeps it simple by following the age old adage: everything in moderation! “Emily is mindful of her eating and exercise habits, but she is fortunate enough to have been blessed with great genes which definitely helps her incredible figure,” a source close to Emily EXCLUSIVELY shares with HollywoodLife. “She isn’t one who tends to overeat, but she does allow herself to indulge on occasion when she wants to.” And we have the list on what exactly she likes to indulge in!

“Emily loves cooking, especially steak and meat, which helps regulate how much sugar and carbs she eats,” our source continues. Home-cooked meals are an excellent way to appease your taste buds, while still controlling your food’s sugar and sodium levels. Our source adds that the actress, who’s also starred in big flicks like Gone Girl and I Feel Pretty, “loves juicing and makes sure to maintain a balanced diet.” Aaron Paul, Emily’s co-star in her thriller Welcome Home that’s coming to theaters on Nov. 16, even dived into the specifics of what that “balanced diet” entails. “Pasta, wine, a little portion of salad, but mainly, sauce and…gnocchi,” he said during his WIRED interview with Emily on Nov. 14. Raise your glass, because Emily added, “So much wine.” Cheers to that!

As for Emily’s workout routines, our source reveals that she “isn’t a fan of the gym.” Instead, she “prefers working out in nature with hiking, walking on the beach, and riding her bike,” our source tells us, and says that Emily  “also loves yoga because it helps give her long, lean muscles and keeps her feeling strong and energized.” However, the actress has started to incorporate more resistance training into her fitness, which does wonders for your muscles! “I’ve recently started going to the gym. I do stuff like ankle weights, bands…you know,” she said during her WIRED interview. But Emily then said something we can all relate to. When her co-star Aaron asked how that’s been going, she confessed, “Good…I haven’t been in three weeks.” Same, Emily.

So go ahead, have a churro like Emily. You deserve it. But make sure you’re still getting your heart pumping with an activity you enjoy!