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Juliette Lewis Begs Britney Spears To Save Universe From Satan In Wild Instagram Video

Juliette Lewis has an important question for Britney Spears: can she please save us from Satan?? Watch Juliette's hilarious Instagram video that'll leave you begging Britney for her help, too!

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Juliette Lewis & Britney Spears
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Real talk: when Britney Spears released “Toxic”, was she actually singing about the devil? Because that’s what Juliette Lewis is kind of getting at in a hilarious new video she posted on Instagram. The Camping actress is jamming out to Britney’s classic, “Work Bitch” in her car, and includes a wild plea to our lord and savior Brit Brit — “can’t you save us Britney Spears. Can we be saved? God, what, is Satan controlling the universe?!!” She screams that last part, her eyes wide. Immediately she goes back into headbanging to “Work Bitch”, which, honestly, is something we’d probably do if the apocalypse was imminent. Watch below!

Don’t worry; Juliette’s totally joking, even if it looks like she’s having a full breakdown. It’s unclear, though, how Juliette’s worked out that Britney would be the one to save us from the Dark Lord, but she’s not wrong. Never forget Britney’s 2011 hit “Till The World Ends”. Yes — we’re going deep. Sure, the song is technically about hooking up with some dude after enticing him on the dance floor. BUT, they’re dancing in a fallout shelter in her music video. She’s going all American Horror Story: Apocalypse on us. Juliette may be onto something…

This isn’t the first time Juliette’s gone wild on Instagram. Back in May, her Camping costar, Jennifer Garner, posted a hilarious video showing her singing behind the scenes of the HBO show. It’s all about getting drunk on Friday nights. So good!

In case you haven’t been following Britney and her satanic negotiation skills as closely as Juliette,