T.I. Still Turned On By Bernice Burgos’ Sexy Pics: He’s Struggling To Remain Faithful To Tiny

T.I. & Bernice Burgos split a long time ago, but that doesn't mean he still isn't checking out her Instagram! A source close to Tip told HL EXCLUSIVELY how she's 'driving' him crazy!

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T.I. Bernice Burgos
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T.I. is still thirsting over his ex Bernice Burgos and apparently her Instagram is still “driving him crazy.” A source close to T.I. told us that despite the fact he’s with Tiny now, he’s still tempted every time he goes on Bernice’s Instagram page, which is frequently. “T.I. still checks Bernice’s Instagram page all the time and it drives him crazy,” our source said. “He thinks she looks amazing and her last few sexy pics have been really turning him on.”

Despite the fact that clearly he’s still quite a fan of Bernice’s Instagram page, T.I. is really trying to make his relationship with Tiny work… for good. “T.I. is doing his best to be faithful to Tiny,” our source went on to say. However, in spite of this, Bernice has been in his thoughts constantly. “He loves her and never wants to hurt her again, but he can’t get Bernice out of his head.”

When it comes to Bernice, she should be out of sight, out of mind. But the fact T.I. is still following her every post on Instagram makes that impossible. “Every time he sees Bernice’s banging hot body on the Instagram, he suffers major FOMO and fears that he is missing out on getting with her,” our source continued. “T.I. really struggles not to reach out to Bernice.” We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest news surrounding Tiny and T.I.’s relationship and Bernice’s Instagram posts. In the meantime, check out their complete relationship timeline in our gallery above.

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