‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning’ Premiere: A Girl-On-Girl Fight Sends 2 Home On Night 1

The drama quickly gets underway on the season premiere of 'The Challenge: Final Reckoning' -- and yes, things are already getting physical (in more ways than one)! Here's our recap!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of MTV

Season 32 of The Challenge has begun! During the July 10 premiere, we see cast members get paired up with their biggest enemies from the last two seasons, Dirty XXX and Vendettas to kick off the final chapter in this saga: Final Reckoning. To begin the season, half of the cast members have to dig out their partners who are buried underground. Once they’re out, everyone will get a first look at who they’re teamed up with, but the last two teams to finish will be automatically eliminated. Zach is first to dig up his teammate…and he’s not thrilled to find out it’s Amanda, who previously spread lies about his on-again girlfriend, Jenna.

Nelson finishes second and digs up his partner, Shane, followed by Big Brother enemies, Paulie (from MTV’s Ex on the Beach) and Natalie (who played on Vendettas). Kam and Melissa are next to finish, and after that, Cara Maria digs out Marie following a Twitter beef last season. Exes Tori and Derrick come in 6th place, and shortly afterward, Sylvia and Joss complete the mission. Next up are Kailah and KayleighBrad and Kyle, Veronica and CT and Faith and Angela. That leaves Britni, Jozea and Jenna as the final three digging with one spot left.

Jozea pulls it off, letting out Da’Vonne, which means Jenna and Jemmye and Britni and her ex, Chuck, are heading home. However, there’s still one person in the ground: The infamous Johnny Bananas! It turns out his partner couldn’t make it, but a new partner is on the way in.

As for the winners Amanda and Zach, they have a new task at hand, and will have to eliminate a third team on the spot. They opt for Jozea and Da’Vonne, simply because they don’t have ties to either of them and aren’t ready to make waves so early on. Finally, it’s time for some exciting news: Final Reckoning is winner take all, and the team who is victorious will get $1 million. WHOA!

Later, we find out that the eliminated players aren’t actually gone for good. Instead, they’re taken to a Redemption House, where they’ll have a chance to win their way back into the game. TJ Lavin urges them to pay attention at the Redemption House, because “information is key.” Hmmmm…

Back at the main house, things are already well underway. The first hookup of the house is documented as Joss and Amanda makeout on nigh one. Meanwhile, things are awkward between Cara and Kyle, who hooked up during Vendettas, but then stopped talking shortly after filming ended. He wastes no time moving on, though, and kisses Faith right in front of Cara on the first night. Cara sets her sights on Paulie as revenge, but he has a girlfriend back home. He’s not ready to be unfaithful yet, but the temptation is clearly there.

The biggest showdown of night one is between Kailah and Melissa, though. They get into a screaming match over things said on Twitter, and when things get heated, Kailah gets physical and pushes Melissa, who then fights back. Obviously, physical fighting is a no-no on The Challenge, and TJ reveals that Kailah and Melissa are getting sent home on the spot — but we’ll have to wait until next week’s episode to find out if their partners, Kayleigh and Kam, will be joining them in being eliminated!

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