BTS & Beyonce Fans Team Up For Epic Listening Party To Get Their Fave Artists More Streams

In a world where fans of different artists are known to go at each other on Twitter, BTS and Beyonce supporters have decided to support one another instead -- and they hosted an epic online streaming party to do it!

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Image Credit: REX/Shutterstock

Fans of Beyonce and BTS have a common goal: They both want more streams for their respective fave artist on streaming sites! So, they decided to team up and help each other rack up the listens with an #ARMYHiveStreamingParty on June 20 (BTS fans consider themselves the “Army,” while Beyonce fans are known as the “Beyhive”). Here’s how it went down: Fans of Bey took a listen to some BTS bops, while BTS lovers streamed tracks from Beyonce and JAY-Z’s latest album in return.

The whole thing turned into a major lovefest between the ARMY and Beyhive on Twitter, with Beyonce’s fans gushing over their love for songs like “Fake Love” and BTS fans raving over “APES***” and more. “I’ve been missing out on BTS this entire time!” one Bey lover wrote. “These boys are talented and their music is amazing! People need to stop judging k-pop strictly because it’s in another language. Soon to be legends for real.” Another gushed, “GUYS I’M NOW OBSESSED I’M WATCHING THEIR VIDEO FOR FAKE LOVE AND I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS MAN.”

It’s quite refreshing to see two different groups of fans coming together, especially since fandoms are usually at war with one another on Twitter. The Beyhive and Army are both especially protective when it comes to standing up for their faves, so to see them supporting each other instead of putting each other down is incredible!

“I’m getting emo about how beyhive are defending army,” one person tweeted. “No one ever does that. We’re always fighting alone so thank you. Thank you for giving bts a chance, thank you for being beside army.” Someone else added, “I don’t think the beyhive knows how important this is to us. We’re always getting attacked and no one ever gives us a chance.”