‘The Royals’ Star Alexandra Park: I’d Love To Bring Back Eleanor’s ‘Edge’ In Possible Season 5

'The Royals' hasn't been renewed for season 5 -- yet -- but Alexandra Park already has some incredible thoughts about Eleanor's future. Here's our EXCLUSIVE interview with the star!

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Alexandra Park
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In the final seconds of the season 4 finale of The Royals, the majority of the royal family was blindsided by Willow’s betrayal. Instead of standing with Eleanor, Liam, Helena, Cyrus, and Jasper, Willow went rogue and married King Robert anyway. No one could have seen that coming, except for maybe Robert.

HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Alexandra Park about the epic finale. If there is a season 5, can Robert be exposed or is it too late? Well, Alexandra is adamant that Robert can be taken down. She told us that she would love to see Eleanor be a “driving force” in exposing what’s wrong, even if that means taking down her own brother. Plus, she revealed that she wants to see Eleanor get back a bit of her bite. Check out our full Q&A now!

Eleanor and the rest of the family had this plan in motion to take down Robert, but it didn’t work. Can Robert be taken down at this point?
Alexandra Park: I think he absolutely can be taken down. I think that if there is a season 5, he will be taken down. This is why it’s going to be such a wonderful ending, because they’re going to have that question in their minds. I think it’s so important that there would be a season 5 because everyone thought that Robert was a step ahead, and now he’s got this evil queen and there’s two of them and then there’s everyone else. I think the heart of the family is Liam, Eleanor, and Helena. Those guys have tried to do the right thing by Robert. They’ve been manipulated and patronized. They realize all of this now. At the end of this season, let’s keep in mind that Eleanor is a fiery little thing. She stands for what she believes in more than anyone. I believe that absolutely Robert could be taken down and will be taken down by the rest of the family. He’s wrong. He’s dark and twisted and needs to be dethroned, and I think he would be.

Why do you think Willow married Robert after seeing what he’s done?
Alexandra Park: That’s a massive thing as well. Speaking from Eleanor’s perspective, Eleanor doesn’t have many friends. She doesn’t trust many people. But when she lets someone in, which she did with Willow for Robert, even though she had no business protecting her or caring for her, that’s a big deal for Eleanor to do something like that. Willow’s betrayed everyone. She’s lied. I don’t think I could say why she said yes to the proposal, but I know it’s probably because she was lying. She wanted the power as well. She wanted the power like Robert. They’re both two weak characters who now have power. What happens when weak people get power is not good. I think it would all make for a very interesting and complex season 5. I think that Willow, who knows? But I think that’s the beauty of it. We don’t know why she said yes. For some reason she did, and now that’s that. It’s pretty high stakes now because we have two members of the family who are essentially ruling and everyone else who knows exactly what these two are up to and what they’ve been up to.

You weren’t in this scene with Robert and Simon, but it’s always so great to see a scene with Simon. What was like when you guys realized Vincent Regan was going to be back on set?
Alexandra Park: It’s always such a joy when Vincent graces us with his presence. He’s just such an incredible actor. He’s kind of the soul of the show, really. It’s all about King Simon and how he’s influenced his children, the throne, the monarchy. Everything kind of relates back to King Simon. I think we’re lucky that Vincent is available and willing to come back and join us for those scenes because he just adds so much and he’s so important. It’s very cool whenever we see Vincent’s name on the call sheet.

Is there anything you want to see happen for Eleanor in seaosn 5?
Alexandra Park: There’s a lot of things I’d like to see. I’ve had a long time to think about it since we wrapped. I think overall Eleanor now has a lot of fuel in her tank. She’s been kind of humiliated in a way, and she doesn’t like that. I’d like to see her fight for what’s right, but with a little more edge like she used to in the beginning. I’d like a mix of the two sides of her. I love the fact that she was kind and generous and giving and vulnerable in the latest season, but I would like to see her go a little dark again. She’s grown up. She knows who she is. She’s always going to be a really good person. I think that with power comes responsibility, and I’d like to see her be the driving force to get everything out that should be, as her father would want.

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