‘The Challenge: Vendettas’ Recap: Tony & Cara Make A Power Play & Gain A New Enemy

With the Final just one week away, Tony continues to make big moves on 'The Challenge,' and finds himself with yet another new vendetta. Here's our recap of the March 27 episode!

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This week’s episode of The Challenge: Vendettas kicks off with the results of last week’s brutal challengeZach and Nicole finish in first place for the guys and girls, respectively, and get $25,000 to split. Unfortunately, Jemmye and Devin, who finishes just five seconds behind Kyle, come in last place, which means they’re automatically sent home. Now, the remaining players are headed to the Czech Republic for the last challenge before the Finals.

The challenge is played individually, with the players attached to a truck moving 50 miles per hour. They have to switch positions from the truck to the attached scaffolding while avoiding pile-ons on the course. For any obstacles they hit or switches that they miss, they’ll get points added onto their score. The guy and girl with the least amount of the points at the end will win and ensure their spots in the Final. Since almost everyone (aside from Leroy, Nelson and Kam) makes it through the course with an impressive score of ZERO, they go at it again, with the truck moving faster this time.

It proves to be much harder this time around, and host TJ Lavin has even more bad news for the guys before the results are revealed — since there’s SIX guys and FOUR girls, the last place guy will automatically go home. This time, it’s Nelson. Meanwhile, Tony wins for the guys, and Kailah wins for the girls, which means they, along with Cara Maria, who comes in third place, will form the Troika, and nominate three guys for possible elimination…two of whom will go into the Ring. All four remaining girls (Kam, Cara, Kailah and Nicole), along with Tony, are automatically headed to the Finals.

Cara and Kailah want the opportunity to be paired up with the strongest guy, Zach, in the Final, so they overrule Tony to nominate Brad, Leroy and Kyle into elimination. After hearing all three guys’ pitches, Cara chooses to save her love interest, Kyle (which REALLY pisses off her longtime friend Leroy), Kailah goes with Leroy and Tony goes with Kyle. Tony says it’s because he didn’t like Leroy’s attitude in the Inquisition, but Leroy knows that Tony just thinks Kyle is a weaker competitor to go against in the Final, and he’s pissed Tony wouldn’t just admit that.

In the Ring, Leroy and Brad have to smash through two walls with their bodies, then smash massive balls against a grate to break them and unleash two smaller balls, which they have to deposit into a tube. Leroy is victorious, and is clearly coming back with new vendettas against Tony and Cara.

So, Leroy, Tony, Kyle, Zach, Cara, Kailah, Kam and Nicole are heading to the Final, and next week, we’ll see what happens as it all goes down!

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