Kylie Jenner Helped Rob Kardashian Lose Weight During Her Post Pregnancy Workouts

Rob Kardashian shocked fans in a great way when he unveiled a healthy, trimmer body on his birthday. We've got EXCLUSIVE details on how sis Kylie Jenner helped him get fit.

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Rob Kardashian, 31, is looking more fit and trim than he has in years and its thanks to his sister and new mom Kylie Jenner, 20. He’s been hitting the gym with her as she getting her famous figure back after giving birth to daughter Stormi Webster on Feb. 1. “Rob’s been taking his bonding time with Kylie to the next level and has been working out with her every other day and seeing the weight fall off has been huge in helping Rob get his confidence back. Kylie challenged and pushed Rob to be better for (daughter) Dream, and that’s all the motivation he needed,” a source close to the former reality star tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Being a daddy to a super mobile 17-month-old little girl is also helping take the weight off. “Rob is staying disciplined and sticking with a strict nutritional program that he’s been put on to get his weight down as well, and it makes it easier for him since Dream keeps him pretty active already. He’s having a blast chasing her around and seeing her grow up so fast,” our insider continues. Rob showed off his amazing new body in 31st birthday social media pics on March 17, where he looked like he’d lost nearly 100 pounds since we last saw him.

Rob is pretty reclusive, rarely being seen in public. It turns out that it helped him bond with Kylie while she was in virtual hiding inside her gated Hidden Hills community during her incredibly private pregnancy with Stormi. “Rob’s been leaning heavily on his younger sister for support in getting his confidence back, and their connection goes back to when Kylie was pretty much holed up inside most days and really only traveled between her own house and (mom) Kris‘ home. During that time he got to spend a lot of time to spend with her. They’ve never been closer,” our source adds.

“They’ve grown really tight in the last few months and Rob has been giving Kylie advice on parenthood whenever she asks him for tips. Rob thinks Kylie is a great mom and he can already see how much her temperament has changed since she’s been a mother. He couldn’t be more happy for her,” our insider reveals. “Much of his days are centered around performing daddy duties with Dream and helping Kylie out with whatever Stormi needs while he’s looking after Dream. And Dream can’t get enough of her Aunt Kylie.” With all of the new babies in the Kar-Jenner household, no wonder all of the siblings are closer than ever.