Millie Bobby Brown & Jacob Sartorius’ ‘Sweet & Innocent’ Relationship: They Talk ‘For Hours’

Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius really like each other a lot, we've learned from a source! This is how the cuties keep up their relationship when they're so busy!

Millie Bobby Brown & Jacob Sartorius
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How cute is this? Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, 13, is totally smitten with her new boyfriend, singer Jacob Sartorius, 15. Despite being two of the busiest kids in the world, they’re taking the time to maintain a healthy relationship, a source told us. How? Social media, duh! But don’t get it wrong; the cuties are totally into each other, but this isn’t a grown up, serious relationship yet. They’re kids, after all!

“Millie’s relationship with Jacob is sweet, innocent, and totally appropriate for their age,” a source close to the Stranger Things star told EXCLUSIVELY. “The pair spend tons of time talking and texting, and they FaceTime for hours like typical teenagers. They both travel a lot for work, so even though they are rarely in the same city for any length of time, they like to stay connected through their phones and social media daily. They are really cute together and he is totally sweet to her. She thinks he is talented and funny while he finds her really smart and mature for her age. They love each other’s personalities and just really like each other a lot.”

This is just so adorable we could die. Is it weird to ship these tiny teens, because we totally are right now. As previously told you, Millie and Jacob have been spending more and more time together. They even went to Disney World with Millie’s parents for New Year’s Eve! They’ve been trying to keep things coy, but they’re kids — they’re not being very subtle. Millie posted an adorbs photo on Instagram showing herself cuddling a teddy bear, captioned “Thanks for the bear.” Jacob commented, “of course” on the photos. SCREAMING.

HollywoodLifers, are you shipping Millie and Jacob? Let us know!

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