‘L&HH’s Jason Lee Calls Out T.I. After Allegedly Canceling Xscape Interview Behind Tiny’s Back

Hollywood Unlocked's owner and CEO Jason Lee is extremely upset with T.I. for allegedly canceling Xscape's interview with them over their association with Floyd Mayweather.

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T.I. is clearly a hater, so he’s never welcome on the show,” Hollywood Unlocked‘s owner and CEO Jason Lee told HollywoodLife.com during an EXCLUSIVE interview, when we asked him about T.I. allegedly canceling Xscape‘s interview with them over their association with Tiny‘s former fling Floyd Mayweather. As we previously shared with you, Xscape was supposed to do an interview with Hollywood Unlocked on Jan. 11, but it was canceled last minute. And soon thereafter, a reporter from the outlet said, “The reason I was given was that T.I. did not want Tiny or her group to do the interview because of our affiliation with Floyd Mayweather. Now, this is ironic because Floyd told me that him and T.I. just ran in to each other recently and ‘peaced’ it up. So, I’m confused. T.I. why get in the way of our interview?”

T.I. has yet to confirm or deny he canceled the interview, but we wouldn’t be too surprised if he did. Tiny and Floyd Mayweather had a brief fling in 2017. Tiny claimed her and Floyd were only friends, but the famous boxer admitted to having sex with her! So T.I. may just not want Tiny anywhere near him or people he associates with. But either way, it doesn’t seem fair to Xscape or Hollywood Unlocked. Fortunately for the group, Hollywood Unlocked is willing to have the group come back for a future interview — but only if they apologize. T.I., on the other hand, is never welcome on the show again.

“As far as Xscape goes, if they’re willing to issue an apology, yeah they can come back. I’m not a hater, so I’ll be honest…I love their song “Dream Killa”. I think it’s an amazing song. I love R&B, but, T.I. is not welcome on our show. We have a hater-free zone. It’s all about positive energy in 2018. T.I. comes off like he’s the leader of ‘Black Excellence’ and believes in the Black Lives Matter movement and believes in black people supporting black people, but the minute he wants to flex the muscle that he has to control his wife and their group and our audience, he did that,” Jason, who also stars on Love & Hip Hop, added.

HollywoodLifers, how do YOU feel about T.I. allegedly canceling Xscape’s interview? Do you think he’s a “hater”? Tell us below!

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