Floyd Mayweather Admits He Had Sex With T.I.’s Wife: Did That Cause The Brawl?

Wait, what? The boxer allegedly admitted he had sex with T.I.'s wife, Tiny, at a press conference on July 18. Could that have been the main reason for Floyd and T.I.'s brawl on May 25? Floyd Mayweather Jr., 37, just reignited his intense T.I., 33, feud with his shocking confession on July 18. The boxer admitted that he had sex with T.I.'s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, at a press conference promoting his upcoming fight with Marcos Maidana. Did Floyd's alleged indiscretion with Tiny cause the major brawl between Floyd and T.I.?

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Floyd Mayweather Admits He Had Sex With T.I.’s Wife

If you thought things were simmering down in the Floyd Mayweather and T.I. feud, think again. Floyd make a jaw-dropping confession at a press conference on July 18.

When asked about T.I., Floyd replied, “I f***ed the bitch.”  

His shocking claim didn’t end there. He went on to say, “I was f***king his b**ch.”

Now that’s something we didn’t expect to hear at his press conference. This stunning confession comes nearly two months after Floyd and T.I. got into a intense brawl in Las Vegas on May 25. T.I. swung at Floyd first and the two erupted into a full-on fight.

It was suspected that the reason T.I. punched Floyd was after Tiny had posted an Instagram photo with Floyd’s daugher, Iyanna Mayweather. Rumors started swirling about Floyd and Tiny after Floyd yelled  “control your b**ch motherf***er” during the fight.

Floyd Mayweather: Did He Really Have Sex With T.I.’s Wife?

While it was reported that Floyd considered T.I. a friend and didn’t have any interest in Tiny, his words and actions say otherwise.

First, his reveal at the press conference definitely calls the true reason behind the brawl into question. Then, Floyd tried to catch Tiny’s attention at the BET Awards on June 29. However, Tiny completely ignored him, according to a video obtained by TMZ.

Well, it looks like this feud is far from over. Could Floyd just be blowing smoke to start something with T.I.? Or did he really have sex with Tiny, which was the cause of the Vegas fight between Floyd and T.I.?

UPDATE: Floyd has denied saying that he admitted to sleeping with T.I.’s wife. He posted a message on Instagram on July 19.

“At the press conference, I said “… he thinks I was f*cking his b*tch”. I DID NOT say “… I was f*cking his b*tch”. I’ve never been with Tiny sexually. I respect her situation and I thinks she’s a good person. I would never disrespect a marriage. #Mayhem on September 13th.”

HollywoodLifers, what do you think about Floyd’s shocking confession? Do you really think he had sex with T.I.’s wife? What do you think about his recent Instagram post? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson

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