Angelina Jolie: Why Her Kids Think It Would Be ‘The Coolest Thing Ever’ If She Dated Drake

The plot thickens! A source close to Angelina Jolie EXCLUSIVELY told that Angelina's kids would love it if Drake dated their mom.

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After Drake, 31, tagged Angelina Jolie, 42, on his Instagram, captioning the pic, “stood me up,” fans have been shipping them hard. However, their romantic rendezvous was never actually in the cards. A source close to Angelina EXCLUSIVELY told us that Angelina never had plans with Drake to begin with. “No, Angelina didn’t stand Drake up,” our source said. “There was no rendezvous planned, she doesn’t even know Drake! The first Angelina heard about the Instagram post was when Pax told her — him and Maddox are crazy about Drake’s music and they think he’s super cool. Angelina thought the post was hilarious and flattering, too — although Drake’s not her type, she does think he’s really handsome so she got a kick out of it. Maddox and Pax keep begging Angelina to reach out to Drake and meet up with him, because they think it would be the most awesome thing ever if their mom was dating Drake.”

But would Angelina ever consider Drake romantically? Tragically no, our source went on to say. “However, sadly for the boys, it’s just not going to happen,” our source added. “Angelina doesn’t want to date anyone right now and if she did, she would want a low profile relationship out of the spotlight. So, Maddox and Pax have to settle for just teasing their mom instead, which they’re doing non-stop — Maddox even secretly changed Angelina’s cellphone ring to ‘Hotline Bling,’ and him and Pax are in stitches now every time she gets a call.” We reported earlier how Angelina went braless for a family outing to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. We wonder if her “Hotline Bling” ringtone played when they were doing their shopping.

Recently, Angelina stunned wearing a strapless gown while having a dinner date with her kids. It’s your move, Drake! Check out these pics of celebs, including Angelina, who were allegedly sexually blackmailed by Harvey Weinstein.

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