Jake Paul Refuses To Forgive Alissa Violet For Cheating On Him With His Brother

Believe it or not, Jake Paul has forgiven his brother, Logan, for hooking up with his then-girlfriend, Alissa Violet, but the YouTube star won't do the same for her. Find out why, here!

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Alissa [Violet] did hook up with Logan [Paul], for a hot minute, and it was while she was officially still with Jake [Paul]. It was during one of Jake and Logan’s falling outs, and Logan basically used her to get back at Jake. And it worked. Jake was super pissed — he threw Alissa out of the house after a huge fight, and he and Logan went at it. They’ve since made up and agreed to put the incident behind them, but Jake most definitely hasn’t forgiven Alissa. Jake and Logan are brothers, and no matter how much they fight, they always end up making up, but Alissa was supposed to be Jake’s girlfriend — she overstepped the mark, she cheated on him with his brother, and he can never forgive her for that,” a source close to the situation tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

Blood is definitely thicker than water. At least, when it comes to this situation. It may seem like a double standard for Jake to forgive Logan but not Alissa, 21, however, we can totally understand why Jake, 20, gave Logan, 22, a free pass. They’re brothers and have a lifetime of history together. Girlfriends come and go, but family is forever. It doesn’t mean what Jake’s doing is right, but we can totally understand where he’s coming from.

As we previously told you, Jake accused his brother of sleeping with Alissa in a since deleted tweet posted on Nov. 12. “Alissa f**ked my brother…that’s why I kicked her out…oops I just told them the truth….I’m done being the ‘bad guy’” he said. Later, Alissa responded, “Wait what hahahaha.” Interesting response, right?

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